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University of Wisconsin / College of agriculture announcement of courses: 1942-1944

The long course,   pp. 196-200 PDF (1.5 MB)

Page 197

                           CURRICULA IN AGRICULTURE                     
   SPLIT MAJORs-A split major is designed for the individual who wishes to
himself in a field of study involving courses in two or more departments.
A series of
split majors approved by the Executive Committee may be found on pages 226
to 233.
Other plans for split majors may be worked out, but any new plan must be
to the Executive Committee for approval before the middle of the junior year.
   The Long Course is designed to permit the student to have a liberal selection
subjects. The only subjects which the Long Course student must take to fulfill
requirements for graduation are those listed below which normally are taken
in the
freshman and sophomore years. Beyond those, the student may select any undergraduate
subjects to which he is eligible, in any part of the University he chooses,
(I) he takes a minimum of 45 (50)* elective and required credits within the
of Agriculture; (2) he takes a minimum of 20 (24)* elective credits outside
the College
of Agriculture and (3) he satisfies the requirements for a major or split
  An outline of the course of study for a four-year period is given herewith.
A total
of 124 (133)* credits and 124 (133)* grade-points is required for graduation.
reader should give particular attention to notations included beneath each
year's cur-
                                  THE LONG COURSE
                                       FRESHMAN YEAR
               First Semester                                   Second Semester
Engl. la-Freshman composition .......... 3        Engl. lb-Freshman compositions
......... 3
Chem. la-General chemistry............. 5         Chem. lb-Qualitative analysis.s
Math. 71, la. 3a, or 511       ...,,,.4                   Botany I-General
An. or Dy. Husb. I-Livestock prod.2 or              or Zoology 1-General
zoology.          5
   Agron. 1-Princ. & practices in crop prod. 3   Agron. I-Princ. &
practices in crop prod.
Freshman lectures.   .      .............. I        or An. or Dy. Husb. I-Live
stock prod.2  3
Military Science 14 .   .............    0        Military Science 1'......................
Physical Education   .      .............. 0      Physical Education.   
  1 A student in agriculture may satisfy the mathematics requirements by
satisfactorily completing
from the following courses one which, on the basis of prerequisites, he is
eligible to take for credit:
Math. 71, la, lb, 3a, or 51. Students presenting three or more units of high-school
selected from algebra, geometry, or trigonometry, are excused from the mathematics
Math. 71 is for students not intending to continue mathematics beyond the
required course. However,
students who take the course with marked success will be permitted to take
Math. lb if they decide
to continue training in mathematics. Those expecting to take advanced work
in mathematics and
science together with those whose major requires further training in mathematics
should choose Math.
Ia or 3a. Students intending to major in agricultural engineering should
take Math. 51. Students
intending to major in landscape gardening may substitute Civil Engineering
117 for the mathematics
  " Students majoring in landscape gardening may substitute Art Education
50 for Animal Husban-
dry 1.
  I See information on Freshman Lectures on page 198.
  ' See information on Military Science and Physical Education Requirement
on page 198.
  a Students earning a grade of A in English la may be excused from English
lb. They may even
be exempt from the full year of freshman English provided they pass the exemption
tests which are
given during the second week of residence.
* Students majoring in technical agricultural engineering may substitute
Mechanics 3 for Botany 1.
* Figures in parentheses ( ) apply to students in agriculture who entered
college before September
1, 1939.

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