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University of Wisconsin / College of agriculture announcement of courses: 1942-1944

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HOVELAND, NIEMEN HOWELL, M.S., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Journalism
HULL, HAROLD HAIGHT, Ph.D., Instructor in Soils
HUMPHREY, GEORGE COLVIN, B.S., Emeritus Professor of Dairy Husbandry
IRWIN, MALCOLM ROBERT, Ph.D., Professor of Genetics
JACKSON, HOWARD CAMPBELL, Ph.D., Professor of Dairy Industry
JACKSON, MARION LEROY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Soils
JAMES, JOHN AMBROSE, B.S., Professor of Agricultural Education
JOHNSON, JAMES, Ph.D., Professor of Horticulture
JOHNSON, MARVIN JOYCE, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biochemistry
JONES, LEWIS RALPH, Ph.D., Sc.D., LL.D., Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology
KEITT, GEORGE WANNAMAKER, Ph.D., Sc.D., Professor of Plant Pathology
KIVLIN, VINCENT EARL, M.S., Assistant Dean, College of Agriculture; Professor
  Agricultural Education
KOLB, JOHN HARRISON, Ph.D., Professor of Rural Sociology
KUEHNER, CONRAD Louis, B.S., Assistant Professor of Horticulture
LACEY, JAMES JEROME, B.S., Professor of Animal Husbandry
LANGDON, GRACE ELIZABETH, M.A., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Journalism
LAROCK, MAX JAMES, B.A., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering
LARSON, RUSSELL HAROLD, Ph.D., Instructor in Plant Pathology
LEITH, BENJAMIN DONALD, B.S., Professor of Agronomy
LEOPOLD, ALDO, B.S., M.F., Professor of Wildlife Management
LILLY, JOHN HENRY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Zoology and Economic Entomology
LINK, KARL PAUL, Ph.D., Professor of Biochemistry
LONGENECKER, GEORGE WILLIAM, M11.S., Associate Professor of Horticulture;
  Director, University Aboretum
LUNDQUIST, NORMAN STANLEY, M.S., Instructor in Dairy Husbandry
LUTHER, ERNEST LEONARD, B.S., Emeritus Professor of Agricultural Extension
MCCARTER, JANET RUTH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Bacteriology
McCoY, ELIZABETH FLORENCE, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Agricultural Bacteriology
MCGIBBON, WILLIAM HENRY, B.S.. Assistant Professor of Poultry Husbandry
MCNALL, PRESTON ESSEX, Ph.D., Professor of Agricultural Economics
MILWARD, JAMES GARFIELD, 3I.S., Professor of Horticulture
MITCHELL, DONALD RICHARDS, M.S., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics
MOORE, JAMES GARFIELD, M.S., Professor of Horticulture
MORGAN, BANNER BILL, Ph.D., Instructor in Veterinary Science
MORRISSEY, HAROLD JAMES, B.S., Instructor in Agricultural Education
MORTENSON, WILLIAM PETER, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics
MUCKENHIRN, ROBERT JOHN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Soils
MUNGER, HENRY MARTIN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Horticulture
NEAL, NORMAN PERCY, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Agronomy and Genetics
NELSON, LEWIS BAILEY, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Instructor in Soils
NUSBAUM, DANIEL DAVID, M.S., Instructor in Dairy Industry
OGDEN, WILLIAM BUTLER, M.S., Instructor in Horticulture
PARSONS, KENNETH HERALD, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics
PETERSON, WILLIAM HAROLD, Ph.D., Professor of Biochemistry
PHILLIPS, PAUL HORRELL, Ph.D., Professor of Biochemistry
PRICE, WALTER VAN, Ph.D., Profe'sor of Dairy Industry
QUACKENBUSH, FORREST WARD, Ph.D., Instructor in Biochemistry
RASMUSSEN, RUPERT HENRY, B.S., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Journalism
RIEMAN, GUSTAV HERMAN, Ph.D., Professor of Genetics, Horticulture and Plant
RIKER, ALBERT JOYCE, Ph.D., Professor of Plant Pathology
RILEY, MILES CHARLES, LL.B., Lecturer in Agricultural Economics
ROBERTS, RAY HARLAND, Ph.D., Professor of Horticulture
Ross, OSCAR BURR, Ph.D., Instructor in Animal Husbandry

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