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University of Wisconsin / College of agriculture announcement of courses: 1940-1941

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nonivc may be obtained by writing to the Director of Home Economics, Home
nomics Building, Madison, Wisconsin.
  Graduate swork is offered in each of the eighteen departments in Agriculture
and in
  the Department of Home Economics. Students wanting to take work toward
a master's
or doctor-of-philosophy degree will enroll in the graduate school. For further
and information relating to scholarships and fellowships: procure Graduate
School bul-
letln from the De. n of the Graduate School. Bascom Hall, Madison, Wisconsin.
                       THE FARTM SHORT COURSE
  Thic Farm SIr Course is (dcsignled for young men between the ages of 19
and 26
years, who expect to farm. Covering two winter periods of 15 weeks each,
the course,
which is held from the middle of November to the middle of March, provides
in both the natural and social sciences as they relate to the problems of
farmers. The satisfactory completion of the work offered in the Farm Short
entitles one to a certificate awarded by the-University of Wisconsin. Further
tion, including a bulletin, may be obtained by writing to the Director of
the Farm Short
Course, College of Agriculture, Madison, Wisconsin.
                      THE WINTER DAIRY COURSE
  To train men in the dairy industry to understand the more modern manufactur-
ing methods, the College of Agriculture provides the twelve-weeks Winter
Course beginning early in November. No entrance examination is required.
ever, anyone who attends must be at least 16 years of age, must have 'had
an eighth-
grade education, and must have had at least six months of practical experience
in a
creamery, cheese factory, or other dairy manufacturing plant. A bulletin
detailed information on the Winter Dairy Course, the Summer Dairy Course,
Swiss-Cheese Makers Course, and the Special Dairy Manufacturers Conference
be obtained by writing to the Chairman of the Department of Dairy Industry,
(ollege of Agriculture, Madison, Wisconsin.
                       SHORT SERVICE COURSES
  In addition to the courses mentioned heretofore, the College of Agriculture
sors a number of short service courses which vary from one day to two weeks
length. All of these courses have been held on the campus in the past but
some of
them are now given throughout the state on an extension basis. The courses
are as
Agricultural and Home Economics          Federal Land Bank Fieldmen's School
Teachers' Summer Conference             Four-H Club Week
Animal Breeders' School                  Garden aub Short Course
Canners' Short Course                    Greens-keepers' Short Course
Cold Storage Locker Operators' Conference  State Judging Contests
Cooperative Management School            State Junior Conservation Camp
County Agents' and Home Demonstration   Town-Country Leadership Summer School
Agents' Conference                      Wisconsin Junior Livestock Exposition
Farm and Home Week                       Wisconsin Rural Life Conference
Farmers' Field Days
  Although it is not definitely established that all of the above-mentioned
will be offered again, it is likely that they will be given, though not necessarily
on annual basis. Persons interested in detailed information concerning any
of the
above courses should write to I. L. Baldwin, Assistant Dean, College of Agriculture.

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