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University of Wisconsin / College of agriculture announcement of courses: 1940-1941

The long course,   pp. 191-196 PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 194

  ADMISSION-The four methods by which one may be admitted to the Long Course
the Middle Course in the College of Agriculture are the same as for any other
lege or School in the University. See General Information bulletin, pages
  FEES, BOOKS. AND MISCELLANEOUS COSTS-During his freshman and sophomore
the student in agriculture who is a resident of the state of Wisconsin should
pect to spend from $60 to $75 each semester for his general fees, laboratory
fees and
books. During the junior and senior years the costs may be appreciably less
ing on the number and kind of laboratory courses being taken. For further
see General Information bulletin, pages 2-5.
  MAJORS AND SPLIT MAJORS-Each student enrolled in agriculture has two choices
planning his curriculum: (1) He may take his major work in one department
requires that he have a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 25 elective credits
in the
department, or, (2) he may choose to specialize in a field of work involving
two or
more departments; in this case he will take a split major which requires
that he
have a minimum of 25 elective credits of suitably related work in two or
more de-
partments. For either the major or the split major, a maximum of 25 credits
in any
one department is allowed toward graduation. This includes the four credit
if a thesis is required.
  MAJORS-In planning a course of study the student should make certain that
he in-
cludes all the courses required for a degree, including the major requirements
of a
minimum of 15 elective credits in the department. The staff members of any
will be glad to discuss with prospective majors the opportunities which their
ticular field has to offer and recommend the courses that ought to be taken
in pre-
paring for a specific objective.
  SPLIT MAJORS-A split major is designed for the individual who wishes to
himself in a field of study involving courses in two or more departments.
A series of
split majors approved by the Executive Committee may be found on pages 218
to 227.
Other plans for split majors may be worked out, but any new plan must be
submitted to
the Executive Committee for approval before the middle of the junior year.

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