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University of Wisconsin / College of agriculture announcement of courses: 1940-1941

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DICKSON, JAMES GEERE, Ph.D., Professor of Plant Pathology
DUFFEE, FLOYD WALDO, B.S., Professor of Agricultural Engineering
DUGGAR, BENJAMIN MINGE, PhD., Professor of Physiological and Applied Botany
EBLING, WALTER HENRY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics
ELVEHJEM, CONRAD ARNOLD, Ph.D., Professor of Biochemistry
ERDMANN, HERBERT HENSLEY, M.S., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics
FARGO, JOHN MERRILL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry
FARRAR, CLAYTON LEON, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economic Entomology
FERGUSON-, LLOYD C., M.S., D.YJ.M., Instructor in Genetics and Veterinary
FLUKE, CHARLES LEWIS, JR., Ph.D., Professor of Economic Entomology
FOLLETT, ALBERT OSCAR, B.S., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics
FRAZIER, WILLIAM CARROLL, Ph.D., Professor of Agricultural Bacteriology
FRED, EDWIN BROUN, Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate School; Professor of Agricultural
FREITAG, WILLIS DIETRICH, B.S., Instructor in Agricultural Education
FROKER, RUDOLPH KNUGAARD, M.S., Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics
FROST, \WILLIAM DODGE, Ph.D., Dr.P.H., Emeritus Professor of Agricultural
FULLER, JAMES GARFIELD, MI.S., Professor of Animal Husbandry
GILBFRT, LD\\AR.) MIARTINIU S, I 'i1)., I Proetsr (ft 13olanv and Plant Pathiologiy
GRABER, LAURENCE FREDERICK, Ph.D., Professor of Agronomy
GRAU-L, EDWARD JOHN, M.S., Professor of Soils
HAAS, ALFRED JOHN, Executive Secretary, College of Agriculture
HArLEYv. FREDERICK BROWN, D).U .1. Professor of Veterinary Science
HALL, ISAAC FULTS, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics
HALPIN, JAMES GARFIELD, B.S., Professor of Poultry Husbandry
HARRIS, Roy THEODORE, Instructor in Dairy Husbandry
HART, EDWIN BRET, B.S., Professor of Biochemistry
HASTIN(;s, EDWIN IXEORGE /.S., IProfistor of Agricultural Bacteriology
HAYES, JOHN BARRY, B.S., Professor of Poultry Husbandry
HEDGES, IRWIN RANDOLPH, M.S., Instructor in Agricultural Economics
HEIZER, EDWIN ELBERT, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Dairy Husbandry
HERRICK, CHESTER ALBERN, Sc.D., Associate Professor of Zoology and Veterinary
HIBBARD, BENJAMIN HORACE, Ph.D., Professor of Agricultural Economics
HILL, GEORGE WILLIAM, B.A., Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology
HOBS> N, ASHER. Ph.)., Professor of Agricultural Economics
HOLDEN, EUGENE DAVENPORT, M.S., Assistant Professor of Agronomy
HOLMES, CLAYTON ERNEST, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Poultry Husbandry
HOLMES, LAURENCE GERMAIN, B.S., Instructor in Horticulture
HOPKINS, ANDREW WINKLE, B.L., Professor of Agricultural Journalism; Agricultural
HULL, HAROLD HAIGHT, Ph.D., Instructor in Soils
HUIMPHREY, GEORGE COLVIN, B.S., Professor of Dairy Husbandry
IRWIN, MALCOLM ROBERT, Ph.D., Professor of Genetics
JACKSON, HOWARD CAMPBELL, Ph.D., Professor of Dairy Industry
JAMES. JOHN AMBROSE. B.S., Professor of Agricultural Education
JOHNSON, JAMES, Ph.D., Professor of Horticulture
JOHNSON, MARVIN JOYCE, Ph.D., Instructor and Research Associate in Agricultural
teriology and Biochemistry
Jo\F>, I.E\\Is RALPH, PhI).. S'c 1). LL D.. Emeritus Professor of Plant
KEITT. GEORGE WANNAMAKER, Ph.D., Sc.D., Professor of Plant Pathology
KELLOGG, MRS. MARIE JOHNSON, M.A., Instructor in Rural Sociology and Speech
KIVLIN, VINCENT EARL, MI.S., Professor of Agricultural Education; Director
of the
Agricultural Short Course

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