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Annual report Waupaca County Agricultural Agent: 1937

Home economics,   p. 17 PDF (325.7 KB)

State fair exhibit,   p. 17 PDF (325.7 KB)

Rural electrification,   pp. 17-18 PDF (573.5 KB)

Page 17

                        FRea Economics
     Through the request of a number of farm and village women
the Home Rconomics extension work that was started three years
ago was continued.
     This activity consists of a representative of the College of
Agriculture meeting with leaders from women's organizations at some
designated place at regular intervals. The leaders In turn present
the subject matter and the demonstrations that were given them to
members of their own organization.
     During the past year one of these meeting places was in
Harrison near Norske# the other in Iola. Miss Elizabeth Birong
of the College of Agriculture was the person who cme here to
conduct Wls work. The subject was "Clothing Constructions'
     We have already organized this work for another year and some
meetings have already been held.
     This Home Economics assistance is being secured without direct
cost to the County. Continued assistance will be given County
Homemakers who are interested in taking advantage of this special
                         State Fr
     The County Agent's Office cooperated with the State Fair Com-
mittee of the County Board in erecting the State Fair exhibit, The
Waupaca County exhibit ranked among the highest and was given a
special premium which was awarded to the best exhibits.
     It has been thought advisable to continue on one project for
a few years because of the advertising that can be built up in
this way rather than changing each year.
     The laupaca County exhibit which has featured Conservation and
Recreation for the last several years most likely will be changed
to some other project for next year.
                    Rural lectrification
     Activity has been maintained on this project in an effort to
secure the necessary funds to assist in the building of electric
lines in the area now requesting this service,

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