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Annual report Waupaca County Agricultural Agent: 1937

Soil conservation,   pp. 15-16 PDF (602.1 KB)

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                     SOIL CONSERVATION |
     - 3,200 farmers co-operated in 1936.
     - 3,167 farmers are co-operating in 1937.
     - $172,950.13 net payment on the 1936 program.
     - $165,000.00 estimated payment for the 1937 program.
     During the past year the 1936 Agricultural Conservation Pro-
gram was completed most of the work on the 1937 program has been
finished, and initial work on the 1938 program has been started.
     In the past year a total net payment of $172,950.13 has been
paid to farmers in this County on the 1936 program. The estimated
net payment on the 1937 program is $165,000.00 which will be made
sometime in the first part of 1938.
     In 1936 there were 3,200 farms in the program.  In 1937 there
were 3,167 farms that have been inspected. This makes a percentage
of 82.1 of the farms in the county co-operating in the 1936 program
and. 81.3 per cent in 1937.
     Sixty-six township committeemen, who were elected by the farm-
ers taking part in the program in each townships together with the
County Committee of three persons, who were selected by represent-
atives from each townships have charge of administering the program
in the County,
     The County Soil Conservation Office under the supervision of
your County Agent was maintained in the Court House in conjunction
with the County Agent's Office. Educational work in connection
with the program was carried on jointly by your County Agent to-
gether with the township committeemen and County Committee.
     All of the clerical help, township committeemen, and County
Committee were paid out of funds that were allocated to this County
from Federal funds to carry on the program.
     The elections for the 1938 committeemen have already been held
in each township. It is expected that some of the field work for
next year's program will be under way at an early date. The work
of completing the summaries for this year is now being rushed in
order that the payments will be made at the earliest date possible.
     It is expected that, as soon as definite details are known#
a number of meetings will be held during the winter on the 1938
Soil Program.

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