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Annual report Waupaca County Agricultural Agent: 1937

Herd improvement associations,   p. 7 PDF (303.7 KB)

Better bull program,   pp. 7-8 PDF (585.1 KB)

Page 7

Herd Improvement Asociation.
     Two Herd Improvement Associations with 825 cows under test
are now in operation In the County.
     The following table shows a comparison of the productions of
the average cow in the County with those in Herd Improvement Assoc-
     No doubt the owners of the herds in our Herd Improvement
A4sociations are some of our best dairymen. According to the last
annual report of the associations there are reasons for these herds
being better. Some of these reasons are:
     - 59% used purebred sires.
     - 81% grow alfalfa.
     - 50% have been tested and are known to be free from Bangls
     - All feed balanced rations to milking cows.
     - Unprofitable cows are sold.
     - Farm management is studied through the help of association
     The cost of membership in the association is paid by each mem.
ber. Although the oost of testing is not highs this has been one
of the reasons why more of our herds are not in similar associations.
It is hoped that as improvement in conditions continue more herds
will be included.
                     Better Bull Program
     One of the quickest ways; according to best authorities# to
improve a herd is to use a good sire.
     There is considerable information available which proves that
herds that have been using a bred-for-production sire have a higher
herd production than others that do not. For example, in our own
County the average cow produces around 190 pounds of butterfat per
year; whereas the herds in our Herd Improvement Associations in
the County, many of which use sires from high producing cows, aver-
age 308 pounds of butterfat per cow.
  Average           -Per  ow; in nupaca Countr
            _Ara   i  CosHerd Improvement Cowa
               (1933)          (1936-37)
Milk. % . i     5200              8514
Butterfat..      190               308.3

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