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Annual report, 1939: St. Croix Co. Agricultural Agent

A quarter century of extension work in St. Croix County Wisconsin,   pp. [1]-6 PDF (1.7 MB)

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  have given their best efforts in the interests of the farmers of
  St. Croix County. The county Extension workers have had to deal
  with problems relating to income on farms, problems relating to
  expense on the farms, problems relating to economic conditions in
  general, youth relationships, the lifting of standards of living
  and betterment of farm and home conditions, along with an expand-
  ing and a changing agricultural picture. The work has been from
  its inception as set forth in the Snith-Lever Act of 1914, the work
  of disseminating agricultural education to farmers in the county.
  Agents have been instrumental in assisting farmers in organizing
  cooperative organizations -- creamerys, cheese factories, oil
  stations, loaning agencies, and so on. It has been their work
  to promote herd improvement work among our dairy herds -- the use
  of better herd sires, to promote sales organizations, to sell sur-
  plus dairy cattle, herd health improvement, marketing dairy products
  and all problems relating to dairying.
      Along with dairying has cane the promotion work for better
seeds, better prepared seed beds, treating of seed for disease
control, introductions of new grains and introductions of new
cash crops. Diversification has been stressed to a great extent.
Keeping a few brood sows on every farm has been recommended and
much work has been done with swine as a means of providing an
extra cash income in addition to the milk check. The sheep in-
dustry has been promoted as another means of providing additional
cash for farms adapted to sheep raising. The farm poultry flock
has always been encouraged and it is interesting to know that a
large part of the cash expense for groceries for the farm family
has come from money earned by the farm size poultry flock. In
recent years soil conservation and erosion control work have come

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