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Annual report, 1939: St. Croix Co. Agricultural Agent

A quarter century of extension work in St. Croix County Wisconsin,   pp. [1]-6 PDF (1.7 MB)

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 It was during his time here in the county that agriculture felt
 its first hard blow. During the War we had been shipping large
 amounts of agricultural goods to foreign countires -- far in
 excess of peace time needs and shortly after the close of the
 World War we found that the machinery for large time productions
 had been set in operation and, while we were still producing at
 a top rate of speed, the demands for our products were diminish-
 ing by leaps and bounds. or necessity then, the work of an Ex-
 tension Agent would be to help farmers find new sources of income
 and diversification from the products being raised at that time,
 Attention was directed to the raising of cash crops such as peas,
 beans, potatoes, and others.
      St. Croix County was W~ithout a County Agent from Xanuury 1,
1923 until March 16, 1926 when J. S. Klinkca was employed and served
as County Agricultural Agont until Scrter!┬▒ber 16, 1926. Mr. llna;ca
did much in the short time he was here to promote the dairy indus-
try. He directed his attention largely to the improvement of
dairy cattle and was instrumental in organizing Cow Testing ..ssoc-
iations and recommending herd improvement practices in general.
     On February 1, 1927, G. W. Lycan took over the work and re-
mained in charge until December 31, 1934.   Mr. Lycan *'as especially
active in organizing and promoting 4-H club progrms .and in farm
crops. He helped to promote the Pure Bred seed industry in the
county and encouraged the use of proper seeds and properly prepared
seed beds. He was active in the improvement of our dairy herds
and did his part in helping dairymen get their share of recognition
for maintaining Testing Associations and keeping up their Pure Bred
herds. It was during Mr. Lycan's timeo in office that the popular
"Depression" was felt by farmers in the county, as a result of

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