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Annual report, 1939: St. Croix Co. Agricultural Agent

Federal programs,   pp. [1]-3 PDF (1.3 MB)

4-H club work,   pp. 3-6 PDF (1.7 MB)

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resent office in Baldwin, Novembcr 1, 1-38.   Mr. VJm. Rutzen,
ormer president of the Coonprative, was elected as Manager.
r. Rutzen and his able Board of Directors has been carlying on
he activities of the R.E.A. program in the interests of its
embers. This office has cooperated in holding a series of
eetings, at which time membership has been solicited. The first
taking for the R.E.A. was started on Nov. 7th, 1938. Holtz
~ros.  the contractors for thejpr6jobt, began working Dec. 5,
L938. The past year has been filled with activity for the manager
md the Board of Directors.   The first poles were set Dec. 12,
L938 and the first line was energized May 24, 1939. At the present
;ime, there are 168.2 miles of line energized, which is serving
~85 customers. The "B"' project is now under construction and
rill consist of 256 miles to serve 675 customers. When this is
completed it will make a total of 424.2 miles of R.E.A. line in
~t. Croix County. It is hard to recall a single cooperative
rhose efforts have been as pronounced as that of the R.E.A. As
k result of this and other R.E.A. Cooperatives, farmers who have
iever had access to high-voltage electricity now can obtain it.
Parmers who previously paid high rates for electricity now have
It at a much reduced rate because of the competition provided by
I.E.A. It has made possible cheaper electricity not only for its
aembers but for patrons of private utilities as well.
    225 farm boys and girls participated in the 1939 4-H club
rogram as carried on in St. Croix County. The 4-H program tried
:o provide constructive projects and wholesome recreation for each
)f these members. The success of club work this past year, as in
revieus years, is due largely to the fine cooperation received
)y the local adult leaders who gave so freely of their time and
Iffort that the youngsters from the various rural communities
night enjoy the benefits of a full and well-rounded 4-H program.
                      District 4-H Camp.
    Thirty-five St, Croix County 4-H members, who attended the
listrict club camp at the Y.±M.C.A. camp grounds, south of Hudson,
)nJoyed a most wholesome four-day camp. This camp gives club
aembers from this county a chance to enjoy a fine outing and to
,e associated with club members froma Pepin, Pierce, and Polk
:ounties. It is the aim of the County Agents in charge of this
iamp to provide a program for these club members which will not
nly inspire them to do better 4-II club work but will teach them
ioe of the basic fundamentals of living and working together.
each member is supplied with sufficient work to keep them busy
nost of the day. Supervised recreation is always enjoyed by all,
                        State 4-H Camp.
    St. Croix County was represented at the State 4-H Camp held
Lt the College of Agriculture by five 4-H members and leaders. The
urpose of this camp is to train junior and adult leaders and to
;ive them a recreational outing as well. Latest developments in
he statea 4,i{ olub program is given out at this camp.

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