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Annual report, 1939: St. Croix Co. Agricultural Agent

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inder the present AAA program. It is now possible for farmers
*o receive payments for the recognized soil buildinZ practices.
his is one of the fine features of this program and it should
e encouraged wherever possible.
                           Soil Erosion
    Many individual soil erosion control problems have been brought
-o our attention this past year and we have given much advise in the
irevention of further destruction of property wherever possible.
:n some cases we have called in state and federal technicians who
Lave assisted in offering their services to the farmers of the county.
Fur aim has not been to work so much in repairing the damage already
lone as it has been in stopping further damage and losses from soil
    The Kinnickinnait Sci1 Coacorv:.tijn District has been officially
,reated during the past year. This is a joint district consisting
)f the towns of Troy and Kinnickinnic in St. Croix County and Clif-
;on and River Falls in Pierce County. Following the procedure es-
;ablished in the Enactment Law of 1937 has been a tedious job. It
ias necessitated much delay. However, the interest of the farmers
f the district has been maintained and enthusiasm for the district
.s still evident. The district has been organized and the charter
Lpproved by the state, The board of supervisors, consists of John
hapman, Forest McCue, and Fred Lindenberger, who were elected, and
[. G. Seyforth, Pierce County Agricultural Agent, and myself, ap-
ointed by the state Soil Conservation Committee.   The three elected
iembers will administer policies for the district and will work in
;he interests of the farmers of that district.
                  Farm Security Administration
    The office of the Farm Security Administration has been capably
.n charge of Ray De Golier, as supervisor. These two offices have
)een in close touch with each other throughout the year. We find
;hat we have many problems in common, and it has been our aim to
.ooperate with farmers who are eligible clients of F.S.A.
    The work of the Tenant Purchase Committee, which has been in
charge of the loaning of federal funds for the purchase of farms
or worthy tenants has been one of the outstanding accomplishments
f F.S.A, this past year.  It has been interesting to work with this
committee and with the farmers who have become borrowers under this
!enant Purchase program, because in a sense of the word they are
ioneers again.  Most of them are starting from scratch with little
Lnvested capitol, Theso men and their families all have a deter-
tination to own these farms. They are people of good character
rho have more than an even chance of making a success out of farm-
,ng with the cooperation of this program. It will be with interest
Ln the entire tenancy program that this office will continue to be
closely associated with the Tenant Purchase Program.
                               R. E. A.
The St. Croix County Electric Cooporativo established its

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