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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture
Vol. I (1923-1932)

Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture: Vol. I. No. 6. April 23, 1923,   pp. [1]-[2] PDF (887.1 KB)

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week. This bill attempts indirectly to accomplish what was re-
fused a few weeks ago when the Blomberg bill, authorizing a tef-
erendum vote on county agents and county nurses, was killed.
(222,A) was laid over on Thursday the 19th until next Thursday,
April 26. In the meantime the picric campaign is going forward
rapidly, With the exhaustion of the supply of government picric
at Fort Wingate, New Mexico, a large supply (probably as much as
15,000,000 pounds) of a new explosive will be made available fry.
Sparta, this state.  This will be a mixture of sodium nitrate an.
TNT. Mr. Swenehart is now working on this material to determine
the most suitable combination of ingredients and methods of prep
aration that Y!ill be adaptable for stuimp removal purposes. This
material shouuld be available for fall use, but the government
has decided this magazine will not be opened until the New Mexico
supply is entirely used up.
Point this last week in adopting the plan of the Horticultural
department to authorize the College to charge an additional fee
to support a field representative.   Under this arrangement the
Seed Potato Inspection Service will be able to follow up the
record of Wisconsin seed potatoes and through co3perative rela-
tions with the seed-buying states to woik out important problems
involving standards, grades, brands, and other inter-state seed
prob lems,
     At the Stevens Point conference an Advisory Certified Seed
Potato Inspection hoard of seven merr.bers was organized, consist-
in,7 of the Chief Inspector of the Seed Potato Inspecticn Service.
a rember of the Wisconsin Departrment of Markets, the department
of Plant Pathology of this College, one county agert, and three
potato growers to Ice selected from the several potato growing
regions of the state.
     It is interesting to note in this connection that, in spite
of the fact that this has been a year of low potato prices for
table stock, the certified seed industry has flourished.    More
and more the certified seed work is shovin7 a tenaency toward
concentr-tion of standard varieties in belts or specialized Po-
tato counties.  Through the seed inspection service these regio..
are effectively leaching the seed potato markets of the country,
     In the production of Green Mountain, Oneida, Forest, Price,
and Sawyer counties are easy leaders; while Barron, Washburn,
Forest, Shawano, Marinette, Portage, Vilas, and .Jaupaca counties
lead in Rural New Yorkers and Russet Rurals; and Marinette, Oneic-.
and Price counties furnish most of the certified Triumph stock.
46 COUTNTIE  during 1922.  Over 2,000 dress folms werc made under
the supervision of the clothing specialists, which, besides savi
-.iany thousands of dollars for the fara.m women, rnade it possible
for them to make-desired garments independent of outside help.
     Five "Get Together Meetings" on clothing problems have been
scheduled for next month by the department as follows:
     Pierce Co. - May 7 at River Falls; La Crosse Co. - May 8 at
Onalaska; Monroe Co. - May 9 at Sparta; Rock Co. - May 10 at
Evansville; and Washington Co. - May 11 at West Bend,
   (Items for this House Organ should be sent to H. L. Russell)

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