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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture
Vol. I (1923-1932)

Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture: Vol. I. No. 2. March 15 1923 PDF (831.2 KB)

. __. -. 'i. I          XMaiison, W 3.           M'arcn 1, 192i3
waukee from February 26 to March 3 by Extension workers from the Col-
lege in cooperation with representatives from the U. S. Department of
     Twenty-one per cent of the children of Milwaukee county were found
to be 10 per cent or more below normal; the daily per capita milk con-
sumption was 8/10 pint.
     In previous campaigns the amount of undernourishment in children
has in every case been decreased as the milk cunsumption increased. It
is too early to determine the results of the work at Milwaukee, but the
indications are that the campaign was highly successful from both the
standpoints of public health and increased milk consumption.
     LAND CLEARING BILL.    Bill 222A repeals both the appropriation
clause and the enabling act under which land clearing demonstrational
and investigational work has been carried on for several years past.
This bill was recommended for indefinite postponement by the Committee
on Agriculture, out their recommendation was rejected by the Assembly
which passed the bill by a vote of 48 to 31.
     If this bill pasSes the Senate, it will not only stop all investi-
gative work on improved methods of land clearing, but the distribution
of picric acid which has been of so much value in reducing the costs of
stump blasting will stop.   Eetween July 1 and November, 1922, over
1,300,000 pounds of this explosive were used by 22,300 farmers through-
out the state at the cost of cartrid-ing and freight, resulting in an
actual cash saving of over 4125,000. Plans now actively under way to
secure additional quantities of 3,500,000 pounds remaining in the gov-
ernment arsenal at Fort Wingate, N. M., will have to be called off if
the bill permitting tnis work passes the upper house.    Within the past
two weeks orders have been sent in by farmers for over 320,000 pounds,
or 16 carloads . The agreement this year with the LT. S. Government is
to ship this in order of receipt. Wisconsin could easily absorb more
than a million pounds of this material this spring at a saving of 8 to
10 cents per pcund over regular retail prices of dynamite, if this work
is allowed to continue.
     REPEALING FARMERS' INSTITUTES.    The bill (223A) repealing the
authorization and appropriation under which the Regents are directed
to carry on Farmers' Institutes,   passed the Assembly this week by a
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