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Alien enemies-IDs, German personal statement

[Memorandum for the files concerning the response to Roger N. Baldwin, American Civil Liberties Union],   pp. [15]-[16]

Page [16]

of the cUtseahi.p or the Ger      to the end that if sah
oitisenmadp ft  estabLibed, they mt&t be released md
I told hi that we were ooiu4dern th idoa ourelve but
that tim lar Departmnt dM   not wont to be p" in the p"aition
ot takW   any other stA  than that It was the ousodian of
par.omwS dy omnittod to it; that Vi the D)epartment of
justice sbo=l detezvze either thrau&     irmestAgation or
heariap that thoese Gorsum vam in rot otimm, and
should the Department or Juatte reoo=nd their relewn
I beltew that the War DepArtamt W4jht comply with tAt
I     eGn*endto  ra both   reed that in tMeoe orthe
Jap    w     an entirely differmt situation existed ad that
the releaso of the Gorxans motld of'er no proedent for the
relems of the Japwme. 3Nwtherre0 it fts sgro*       +Jht
ther wOlAd be no d.Iiw 1 in keopim, the jparAe m2t of
amil or awaV froIm  the iaciric Cow*t if they were relwm!ao.
Mr, 3nis said that he WMLol4 ask "ro Diddle to eonCf" with
Oenrl GAillion regardiM this tattter wyl if the7 ahruld n,e
to releain  the Garm, it mi,Zht be a method b.w vhi  court
pmeedbis: amd be defttv"d.
3o I also Mvoke to Hsr, rsmis rngardinr an*th-)r rttr*
A letter had been received in this orfioe  r m,. Crvens
The Urdted States Attorney at rura,    er , a 4resaed to The
Attorwq Gotwral. That Ittter had bemn tranid.tted tn i by
a xmorwv,i tm Mr. FAvlo. Prior to y talk with Mr. *cds,
I had talked to Colenl bfetm   in 3an ',1ranaiwo wn0 had
told him tt Mr. Crxvm   had eovlaned that eopies of Genal
Pelittle poalmattinas, of whioh I ba ive there aro Mve#
had riot r-Reod k1r. rvm an that in view or the ftties w h
had bm   plaoed by law and br Faovtive Order on the thdted
3tate Attorney, . rwem ftit that ho was entitled to re-
eve suoh material. Boieetsm told me thit there Ay hAve
bowsome slip-,uL in rurniahbW InformatIon to all coerned
prior to the time that he took over bt that alme Uhat 1A.-r
he had made up rather complete wailiM lsts and that Qr*
Grav=n was nov ad had been for .oiwtime an the  Uing list.
Bedetson aid that he would give the vatter speoial attntlon
and write to Mr. Craven and send him vrthing that Ia Ieen
publiMsd to date. I so informed Mr, rada and told Ida that
we would so state in our letter replyine to his mwrruAm.
I.j,I ( ) lA I I I I NA 1101 IAI AMA ]IV[ -"

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