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Alien enemies-IDs, German personal statement

[Memorandum for the files concerning the response to Roger N. Baldwin, American Civil Liberties Union],   pp. [15]-[16]

Page [15]

AMUi 4,q 19A2*
UVMORIM fbr the Files*
lo Ona Saturday, April ,4,, 194?., a telagram was receivWd
from Roger N, Daldwint Aerloaw Cii Lbetes Union, as
*Mv we kindly requast reply to mw letter
of Marh 25 oonoerirc aitisens held at Cap
WoCyp Winconsin, without charge s or haarUp*
Regret that if Tfar Department does not acord
them thAir obvious rights, we sall be oblUed
to take rtter into civil courts this week."
I read the above telegm-4 over the telephone to Mr.
Edward DiAs of' the DepartAent of J toe     ho *tated
that in aeoord nio with the eonversatin between mr.
Gitlin of Hr. Ewdnst office amde last nirht on the
ame subjeet, he vas submttLnM a wmora =u to or.
BidOe with referenee to the legal propriety of mr.
BIlfn'sa action in enouraIng litigation by the
offe of fte- legal ansistance. I told him that a
letter on that mbJeat was goiW forwrd to him todeW
inloDint a OoPy of a letter dated Uarah 25, 1942, from
Me  Wldwin to Mr. Herbert alther, an intene at ftrap
2. An we hav already replied to 1r. Baldwin's letter
of Mardh 25, I propose to take no action with refewenee to
his tolegran quated above. I read the telegram to isr. nnin.
Mr. kmie sugested that he would talk to Hr. 1 4dle about
the advisability of ask&ig Mr. altdwin to withhold the initia-
tion of a  crt a4tiM until the Departnent of Justice had
had an opportimity to emine the detailg of the alleged in-
ternmm t of American citizens. He sugsted that he would
not dignify the matter by having Hr, Biddle call Ur, Baldwin
in person but that he, i. r 'fn  would do so, tie aaked
me %hmt I thought or the adviaability o" mi%ng a determination
I, t l  (')I fiJC![ Illt M AIOUIAI ARC.JIIVI! ,'

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