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Alien enemies-IDs, German personal statement

[Letter from Dr. Hans Zimmerman protesting his internment],   p. [13]

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Ron. S. W. King
Hawallan Delegate to Con rez.
Washington,  . C.
Dear Mr.: King:
I presume that y(nu have heard already from Francis Evans
and my wife, how I as a loyal U.S. Citizen have been turned into
an enemy alien overnight, the day after the Japs turned our
'Paraise of the PazificA    intoth   'Hall-of-tho Pacific', and
since then have been interned as an enemy alien.
At my bearing I had five ironinent Honolulu citizens,
Yrmk Thompson, Senator Farri6gton, Alvah Scott, Nolle Smith,
and John R. F1eminK stRke their renutationn against mine and
vouched for me 10W4 t,t I am a lonal U.S. Citizen anl a good
So far I haven't heard of any charges against me from
the aithorities who are responsible for my internment and I bet
my right arm that they cant, no matter how much they try to pin
something on me, fiid any'charges aeaintt me, except that I ha:.pen
toba bp rn in Germany.
I fhall not,elaborate on the detailo under which I had
to labor since December 8, 1941. I realize the confusion that
exists as the result of thevar andhave been v,ry patient. I took
it on the chin like,every good American would do under the c1r-
cumAtances,, hoping that sooner or ,,ater it all will be straightened
out. But when the Authorities in power throw me in a concentrE.tion
camp with Bund LAaders, Gesta'os anA. Nazi rympathizers,, that'
going a little too far. That is more than any good American can
swallow and for thi. rea-on I call on you as our"Delegate to
Congress to lookinto my care in Waslingt6n and itop them ,from
making such a mockery out of our citizens raners and our Conitil-,
utional rightq. War or no War. Any good American wants to be
an asset to hin country andnot a liability. And I for one,
despite being,v :disappointed, humiliated and disgraced, and the
embarrassment that my wife hd to suffer, a third generation
Amaericamborn gtr 0± British extraction. I -am still a firm
believer in our demourqcy ad I want to do-my share with Aliens
who make fun of our C tizenship andConstitition.
& lese let me hear from Y, -, soon adtry t.oc ariyy
Dr. :ans ZmMerman'

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