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Alien enemies-IDs, German personal statement

[Letter from Herbert G. Walther to Hon. Henry L. Stimpson, Secretary of War, protesting the internment of his family],   pp. [6]-[7]

Page [6]

I 1?jljjO )l I(C  1) Al  I 'I  NA I   AI AIU(  IIVI.
WAlther, G. Herbert,
p                                                    Camp McCoy,
y                                                     March l1th, 1942.
Hion. Henry L. Stimpson,
Secretary of War,
Washington, D. C.
Dear Mr. Secretary:
I am one of 13 U. S. citizens of German extraction who are
interned here at Camp McCoy. Although our personal history is somewhat
alike, I prefer to give you mine individually, so as not to cause any
confusion. We are all from Honolulu.
Born in Germany, arrived in the U. S. in 1929, in Honolulu in
1932, resided there ever since. Naturalized in 1935. MAy wife, born in
Germany, arrived in the U. S. in 1926, naturalized also in 1935. Married
since Jan. 1936. At present (?) employed as the Accountant of the Ready-
Mix-Concrete Company, Ltd. in Honolulu, a defense industry firm. '.!e own
our own house.
Both my wife and myself have always conducted ourselves not only
like any good American-born, but by reason of our European experience have
deeply appreciated our new Country, and have taken our Oath of Allegiance
very serious.
'1e were arrested in Honolulu on December 8th and charged with
"under suspicion of being an nemy-Alien," a charge easely disproved by
our bona-fide citizenship papers.
Our Board hearing Cor should I say M board hearing, since I have
not spoken to my wife since Y/8/41) in my opinion proved my loyalty,
supplemented by 1OO) vouching of my 3 witnesses. From then on I hLve waited
for my relea c daily, fully undcrstandin, that due to the unexpected happen-
inks of Dec. 7th, it may take a certain time.
On February 20th, we (the 13 citizens plus 175 aliens) wcrc taken
to San Francisco and then to this Internment Camp, Camp McCoy.
I do not know where my wife is. She was interned at fknd Island
as of 2/17. My wife doesn't -now where I'am. I have never been charged
with anything beyond the arore ucntioned, and this has been disproved. I
have never been informed why I am interned, and what to expect.
Now,, here at !.IcCoy, new complicatIons arise. We 13 are the only
citizens here, all others are aliens, and from wha' I havn heard, mostly pro-
Nazi. Among thom is the Lund-Laador from Los Angeles and his Group. 'ie
still consid,r our Oath of Alle,4iance to the. American Flag as binding, but
at present are very confused. Living together with Nazis, we want to discuss
our Country's Fate, but how c.,n we when we see their eyes gleam when the Radio

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