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Alien enemies-IDs, German personal statement

[Letter from Willy Beyer protesting the internment of his family],   p. [5]

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mai&ed via Railway Post Office
Mar. 11, 1942
Honorable Sam W. King
Washington, D. D.
Dear sirt
You an our Delegate to Congress from cur lovely
Hawaii ought to be able to help'me in the'following - atter.l
I am an AmbricaAlcititen since "rune 98, 1930,
(No. 3187685) ana have lived in Hawaii since 1924.
Here I am interned w3th a bunch of aliens, Gesta,po
agents, 5th colufns aneRazi aents who are making fun about
our American citizenship..
I have been interned aq a Prisoner of War 5000 miles
from myvwife, Mrs. Frances BeroTrmerly Miss Frances
Brickwood Frando, who is part Hawaiian) ana deprived of all
rights and privileges so stated in the Constitution as well
as the rights of other citizens.
On.December 8th I have been taken from ny' wife andc
home for a h6..-ring, and detained at the Inigrntinn Station
in Honolulu. On December 18th a warrant hv- been read to
a group of us au& chrged a4 an eMe,,y alien.
I amretired of my business (Potato chips and caterint)
sold in 1940, since than I bought the apartment building at
811 Lunalilo Street. In 1932 1 se,-ved the ju±y in the-Massie
case, and evers.nce I have had very few daalings with the"Rnvy
Yard in business. Th".t were a great point for givin'g the busi-
ness up.
I would like to know If I am interned for-good, or what
else I.have., to expect. Besides me, 12 other American citizen
are interned here from Ron4lulu. Thanking,you,    Aloha
Camp, Mc.oY,                    (signed) Willy Beyer
Sparta, Wisconsin
.F"A ~    wurvt &  r%-'FC  . AagaV&

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