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Alien enemies-IDs, German personal statement

[Letter from Fred Berg protesting the internment of his family],   pp. [3]-[4]

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March 11, 1942
Hon. Samuel W. King
Washington, D. C.
Dear Sir:
I have to write to you for your help and assistance and
hope to know. that y.u will give to my family and myself your
cooperv.tion, At the sane timo I am Porry to bother y,ou with my
own affairs, kniowing th#-t you mu4t be very occupied at a time like
our* now. But toho coi.:d I su, for help? Vy wife was born on the
,l4and of Kauai. 17.)1. ih-- spent all her life on tht: i,4.ands but
two (1917-1928). In the,e two yonre .she visiter th, Tjnited States
and Xurope. Since 1928 she never left the IsDinds ao4ain which
are always evf-7thint; to her. Whcn she married me ahe lost her
citlzonnhip, but reAuked ti aAin after R short loerlod. My oldest
girl (step-d.u.hter) w:,,s born oi Oahii. She attended  nnf).hou and
Roosevelt llij;h. A+ the ageo of ls vp dncifled to  iJv-' hr!- a trip
around the w-.r10, to  :ot her ' ;'"y from ths, cn ,emy  le w  .I  fting
into ari th- attitu.'e of whlch vrt:- ,.. to Mrs. norgi ' n ! n:r liking.
The wv,o -cl h~~ '    t.r '  chn Tt h. nt-.d t. bri In rrg   but
manadf-'   c~   o~-.bC.. to   Vc   rin'.i Augu'lt, 1 141. tlv  U,r
two lltt'. ,r    w .r, b,-ri.  -hu. -N-w rlac  th, 3tl lf 7tcewbur
my  w1f.. %11!,.              'If!  11.:t   ra  tCr-ice  on  3n  I slan,7 * yole
can rr ;;inm h.w -t *thcr fi"V I fecl t,  be ,! :-'rt.d from her child-
ron, in her --n c:.aitry w'i-ch sh. v , for no ru.ton wh. tsoever.
She had her own businei-, wAch, the h'nd built up through
hard work dri,-,; th-- 1ast six..-even .ears. This bl1sineo'. (Rest
home for uld peo-le) w..Ich g:Ave hcr -i irAce,,.,,-  5 ,'-800 ro'ars
monthly h-ts be,.uvrkckod. lihia to 1erarrest. I'm a loy-.l Americav
citizen never ;vi, been aw.t-.y from Oahu ainkco 1922. I workdd for
Americnii frs only end at the ti.if of ily arr,t.t I  o: .oyod by
Sears. t'oi Sho.o-7tloerintendent. 1uring- tho .a t cev-3n ye 1'-trv.
Berg a"d .y5t0f s-v.'d f,Il the mo,my w  --. ab  to zu%nd lave-ted
qpne  li,  r,-al-  r,Ji rty.  A  th  ti ,v.c ,1) t  r l', . t  w  w r e
owners of nine          itc'.  }bw long  .  : r:, t. ;n.w. Tho ri-,.iiaos are
iort ;eagad, P.,id. ou snurce of iaco;n? hiLr b-..-ci, denti-er.  Why adic
; ,cn somebody made a istake why let it ',ut on loyi-A
citizens, wo-on, and cl-IlAre. They callefd u,3 on(n,y   Inn and
forced u to ci.;n -nperr to that fact aainvtt our jroto,3t. There
are 40,000 alien, in the islancds, why Pick on u.- citizen-. kre
there r !al y --eo lo in thi- country, so feble-minded to tiAak,
that we would help any foreigh viatlon to blow u or de,troy our
lovely islande.In which we i.kv(-%ed the earning of our life.  Here
in thiq damp we are 11 citizeni .il from HawaiV N.nA ,e have been
told -.sain ani a  kin to be iatient, evorything in in such a terrible
state of cnfuivinn and matlerF. !ou.d be -traightened out very
oroedily. 'ihe,'e ever we came on nmr trip to tiip oari, -eople were

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