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Alien enemies-IDs, German personal statement

[Letter from Alfred B.M. Smith asking about his and his wife's internment],   pp. [1]-[2]

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....,                         )-...             -  -    ., --    d
March 10, 1942
Honorable Do leg. Samiel W. King
Washington, D. C.
Dear Sir:                           ...
Just at another American 0itizen I am writing to Yo.,
in order to know, if my wife and myself, should consider to be
interned for the duration of the war.
.e have been ariested onDeoember 8th. 1941, by the
Y.B.I. of Honolulu, .T.R.
..   On the 18th of December, a warrsnt w     reak to m snd
on December 23rd, 1941, my wife and myself hA, a hearing at the
Immigration Station in HbuoiuilUa.
My witnen-es  .  such:
1. Mr. be.mond Stanley, Vice Pres.
Bank of Bishop.
2.'Mr. Yrank X. Thompson    .
Attorney at Law,
3. Mr. QAmeron, Tax.Acot.
C/o Cameron & Johnstone
4. Miss Ruth Loomis
Attorney at Law
5. Mr. Arthur Bowmen
General Attorney - Formc; r 7,olice Pro"ecntor
all toetified in -ir behalf.
During this hearing witnnsee expresne4 under oath
that Mr. and MrA. 1mith wero loyal, true,-' f -ithful, ani qincare
It had been testified, that I am the owner of the
Hawaiian Roofing and Paint Comany, th%t I have been in Hnrlolulu,
since October 31, 1934, naturalized on Y,.y 25th, 1940 in Tionolulu,
changed name   " ordev of Court from SORKIDT TO SMITH, wi  natural-
ized on the same date, that we have hcmei on 282I Par Stront,
Nuuanu, valued at $20.000 with balance  of $2O0.00then, tDat I
have $12,000 in Cash Notes, and $2,000 Cash on Hand. My income
according to my statement about $1,000 each month, but $700 to
$1,000 according to the Tax Acct. Mr. Cameron all Taxes are paid.
We have traveled around the world, from Honolulu. we also visited
themainland several time, Incl. Mexico Gity and Havana, Cuba (1941)
I have no police record whatsoever.
On December 28th, 1941 I w9s ordered detained to Sand
Island, on January 17th, 1942 my wife arrived from the Immigration

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