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The Aeroplane

Fun,   pp. 28-32

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THE     AEROPLANE                               29 
Marion M. and Lee Entz. were nominated for "Wit and Humor" editor.
When it 
came time to vote by ballot, Marion didn't hand in a vote. 
Mary S.-"Why Marion, why didn't you vote?" 
Marion (absently).-"Oh, that's all right, Lee will vote for me."
Ruth L. (in Lit.)-"Why did they use such costumes in Julius Ceaser?"
Lee Entz. (excitedly).-"And when did Juilus Ceaser?" (sieze her).
Miss B. (Lit.)-"In the early drama, the shoe indicated tragedy or comedy?"
Bright pupil (with a sigh).-"Mine indicates tragedy." 
Miss Kelleher (to Modern Hist. Junior).--"Please don't rise on the installment
"What is memory?" 
'The thing we forget with." 
"Why is the elbow called the crazy bone?" 
"Because it's bordering on the humerous." 
Miss B. (to Noel S.)--"In Shakespeare's time hobby horses were used
on the stage." 
Noel S.-"Well in the 'Bohemian Girl' last year they used real live ones."
Chester W. (excitedly).-"And chickens too!" 
Frank V.-"What's that? They have chickens on every stage.': 
Sympathetic teacher.-"I feel for you, my lad." 
Freshman.-"I wish you wouldn't do it with a ruler, please." 
George B.--"Moving pictures were invented in 18-;" 
Miss B.--"Well, well." 
Joe M. (looking out window on a foggy morning.-"Ruth, just see what
we missed." 
Mary S. (endeavoring to get a Freshman to join the Athletic Asso.)--"Don't
want to pay 25c and help the association along?"  * 
Freshie Girl.-"What do we have to do--run, jump and all such things?"
Joe M.-"I have the best orchestra in town- the band around my hat, and
my ear- 
Lee Entz. (holding his thumb, and appearing to be in pain).-"Oh, dear!
; My 
thumb hurts, I Just discovered a nail in it." 

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