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The Aeroplane: commencement

Class will,   pp. 37-39

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T     H     E       A    E    R    0     P   L    A    N     E 
As to the following possessions, which we shall no longer need upon 
our journey, we do dispose of them as follows; viz: 
Item I. Harold Winter's, Fred Van Deuren's and Rupert Kapp's 
supply of cast-off knee pants to the incoming freshies. 
II. A lock of Abe Rosenthal's photogenic, cranial vegetation to 
Mr. Coonen, to be used instead of standard candles in the Pbysics' 
III. Volume X. of Clarence DuChauteau's autobiography en- 
titled, "Trials and Tribulations Undergone During My Long Quest for
a Diploma," to the school library. 
IV. Any good book on "Vegetarianism" to Gladys R., as a help 
to her in resisting her love for Bacon. 
V. Pearl's talkative disposition to Winifred Williams. 
VI. Lew Coffeen's popularity with the fair sex to Paul Le Clair; 
with a foreboding that he will overdo this privilege. 
VII. Andrew Lent's notoriety as a noctivagant excursionist to 
Winfred Erdmann. 
VIII. The co-partnership existing under the name of "Hazel Kurz 
and Hazel Streckenbach" to Hazel Larsen and Ruth Findeisen. 
IX. Raymond's and Clarence's genial smiles to Laura Dickey. 
X. Maude Feldhausen's coquettish ways to Winifred Gibson. 
XI. Edmund Burke's nervous disposition to Norris Brett. 
XII. Calvin G.'s translation of "Frederick Barbarosa" from the
German to Miss Kelleher. 
XIII. Roland Martin's tendency toward parsimoniousness to 
Win. DeCock. 
XIV. Agnes Griffin's use of paronomasia to future aspirants for 
poetical honors. 
XV. Louis Donner's alchemistical knowledge to be engraved on 
a pin head. 
XVI. Kenneth Hoeffel's perspicacity to Albert Nockerts. 
XVII. Reynold's recently acquired skill as prestidigitator, to 
Harry O'Neil. 
VIII. The philomathy shown by Eleanor Schilling and Ellen 
Gibson to the Sophomores. 
XIX. To Saint Cecelia, we entrust Dorothy Becker's future. 
XX. Henry Wendel's pugnacious nature to Oswald Eckhardt. 
XXI. Mary McGrath's contumaciousness to oblivion. 
XXII. John Vickman's convincing form of argument to be in- 
corporated into a petition for that much-needed gymnasium. 
XXIII. Fred Spude's habit of strabismus, caused by lack of 
sleep, to Milton Smith. 
XXIV. The order maintained at Senior class meetings to the 
senate, as a model for quiet and speedy legislation. 
We do hereby constitute and appoint the president of the Junior 
class executor of this, our last will and testament. 
In Witness Whereof we have hereto set our hand and seal, this 
21st day of June, A. D. 1912. 
Signed         Class of 1912. 
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