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The Aeroplane: commencement

Class will,   pp. 37-39

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T    H     E       A    E    R    0    P    L   A    N    E 
We, the Senior Class of the East High School, City of Green Bay, 
County of Brown, State of Wisconsin, realizing that the time allotted 
to us as students and classmates in the aforesaid school is rapidly 
drawing to a close, and being of sound mind and memory, do make, 
publish and declare this our last will and testament, hereby revoking 
all former wills, bequests, and devices by us made. 
We wish to extend to our late principal, Prof. W. 0. Brown, our 
present one, Prof. W. T. Ream, and the members of the faculty, our 
most cherished possession,-the respect and good will of all, which 
they have inherited through their close connection with us during 
our High shool career. We also wish to give them our gratitude, in 
partial exchange for the time and patience they have spent in our be 
We give, will, and bequeath to the underclassmen,-our great 
aptitude, deep capacity and constant application and concentration 
to ,and for, our studies, earnestly hoping that the burdens of the 
faculty may thereby be materially lightened. 
In allowing the mantle of Senior dignity to fall upon the shoulders 
of the gay and deboniar Juniors, we are somewhat in doubt as to their 
ability to stand the excessive strain thus placed upon their nerves 
and muscles, but sincerely hope they will rise to the occasion, as they 
sometimes can. 
We also relinquish to them the right of occupying the much 
coveted back seats in the assembly room; together with a numerous 
supply of note-books, test papers and Physics laboratory manuals. 
which we are certain will increase their perplexities in the time of 
sorest need. 
To the Sophomores and Freshmen we jointly give, will, and be- 
queath an honored possession-the ability of our Senior football men 
with the advice to use it, in common with the large amount belonging 
to the Juniors in developing another laurel-winning team for East 
High next year. 
To that class, with whose name the adjective "verdant" will al-
ways be appropriately applicable as the best word in describing 
their dominating characteristic, we give, will, and bequeath-a suf- 
ficient allowance of class spirit. 
To the "Aeroplane" staff we extend hearty wishes for a successful
year, believing that, in following the policy of good judgment and 
management which has been shown in the past, and receiving the co- 
operation of the student body in the future, they will be enabled to 
keep the "Aeroplane" flying in a manner which will reflect naught
but credit upon the school. 
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