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Manitowoc, 1870-1920 : jubilee and homecoming


Egar, Kenwood S.
Manitowoc, 1870-1920 : jubilee and homecoming
[Manitowoc, Wisconsin]: [Manitowoc Pilot], [1920]
90 p. : ill. ; 18 x 28 cm.

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[Cover] 1870 - Manitowoc - 1920: jubilee and homecoming

The welcome of the town, E. L. K.

Those who have served as mayor, p. 1

Manitowoc, Kintz, S. F. p. 2

"Say it with flowers", K. S. E. p. 3

Manitowoc--a brief history, pp. 4-6

Going, pp. 6-7

Bokoo Shack, p. 7

A city of beautiful homes, p. 8

Homes and streets, p. 9

How our surface traffic is handled, pp. 10-12

They are all still young, p. 13

Brief sketch of Joe Rankin, pp. 14-15

It was a hick town then, pp. 16-17

Asleep for the winter, p. 18

A city of beautiful churches, pp. 19-23

Marine traffic cop needed, p. 24

Fifteen years ago---in the loop, pp. 25-26

Do you remember?, pp. 27-29

Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company, pp. 30-35

Some modern views, pp. 36-42

A few boats parked near the elevators, p. 43

Injun, pp. 43-44

They still come and go: car-ferry entering harbor. Note old pier, pp. 45-46

Two views of the Manitowoc Building Supply Co., p. 47

Page Ed. Schuette; he'll like this, p. 48

A busy business school, pp. 49-50

Many remember these, pp. 51-52

Loading a car-ferry at the northwestern slip, p. 53

There was no car shortage those days, p. 54

Sleeps in the deep, p. 55

One of the city's fine schools, pp. 56-60

Shelter, p. 61

The "pig", pp. 62-64

"O, time and change!", p. 65

A close-up, pp. 66-68

Ceska Lekarna, p. 69

Most of us belong here, pp. 70-72

Splash!!, pp. 73-75

A good and faithful servant, pp. 76-81

This is an old one, too, pp. 82-83

It's bigger now, pp. 84-87

Gone, p. 88

Provender, pp. 89-90


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