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Waterford graded school history


Ludtke, Leslie A.
Waterford graded school history
[Waterford, Wisconsin?]: L. A. Ludtke, [1992?]
53 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.

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[Title page] Waterford Graded School history

Foreword, Ludtke, Leslie A.

Table of contents

[Waterford Graded School], pp. 1-3

[W. G. S. register of school officers 1867-1884], p. [4]

[W. G. S. special meeting notice 1882], p. 5

[Photo: Waterford Graded School circa 1910], p. 6

[W. G. S. referendum flyer, 1963], p. 7

[Architectural rendering of Evergreen Elementary], pp. 8-9

[Site plan, Evergreen Elementary], p. 10

[Floor plan, Evergreen Elementary], p. 11

[Dedication program, Evergreen Elementary], p. 12

[Committee members lists], p. 13

[Beating the odds reprinted from, WI School News], pp. 14-17

Ranke School, p. 18

[Photo: Ranke School circa 1880], p. 19

[Photo: the first school bus in Racine Co. 1932], p. 20

Webster School, pp. 21-22

[High Street School], p. 23

[Photo: High Street School, circa 1915], p. 24

[Pilgrim School], p. 25

[Rochester Academy], pp. 26-27

[Photo: Rochester Academy, circa 1880], p. 28

[The Racine County School of Agricultural], pp. 29-31

[Photos: the Racine County School of Agricultural], pp. 32-33

[Rochester Graded School], p. 34

[Photo: Rochester Graded School, circa 1906], p. 35

[Photo: Miss Hewitt and class, circa 1870], p. 36

[Mary E. Hewitt's teaching certificate], p. 37

[Pleasant View School], p. 38

[English Settlement School], p. 39

[Photo: English Settlement School], p. 40

[The Grant School], p. 41

[Photo: the Grant School, circa 1958], p. 42

[Hillcrest School], p. 43

[Photo: Original Hillcrest School, circa 1920], p. 44

[Photo: Hillcrest School, circa 1926], p. 45

[Photo: Hillcrest School, circa 1967], p. 46

[Apple School], p. 47

[Photo: Apple School, circa 1930], p. 48

[Buttles School], p. 49

[Photo: Buttles School, circa 1912], p. 50

[Norway, Col. Heg, Lakeview School], p. 51

[Photo: Col. Heg School, circa 1900], p. 52

[Photo: Col. Heg School, circa 1939], p. 53

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