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Wisconsin territorial letters--1847


Wisconsin territorial letters--1847

Febuary [sic] 9 1847 WI.Letters2aa.Lette01

1847, Feb. 9. Edwin Higby, Prairieville, to his cousin Anson Bates, East Granby, Connecticut. Asks for news of family. Had fever and ague for three months last season. A.L.S. 2pp.

Milwaukee Feby. 27.1847 WI.Letters2aa.Lette02

1847, Feb. 27. A. D. Smith, Milwaukee, to Hon. Elisha Morrow, Green Bay. Rejoices at the good prospect of the victory of the constitution. Predicts majority of from 200 to 400 for it. Combination of opposing Whigs and Democrats broken. A.L.S. 1p.

Madison April 6th 1847 WI.Letters2aa.Lette03

1847, Apr. 6. George W. Mitchell, Madison, to Hon. E[lisha] Morrow, Green Bay. Asks Morrow to force a collection [of note] on Mr. Whiting for Samuel R. Mervill. He will charge for collecting. A.L.S. 1p.

Whitewater Jan. 28 1847 WI.Letters2aa.Lette04

1847, Jan. 28. John L. Clark, White Water, to G. W. Harmon, Pawlet, Vermont. Business matters concerning the writer's wool factory. A.L.S. 2pp.

Plattville [sic] Grant Co Wis/ [January?] 22/ [18]47 WI.Letters2aa.Lette05

1847, Jan. 22. George R. Laughton, Platteville, to F. L. Church. Providence. An outlet for produce needed. Preliminary survey for the Chicago and Galena railroad now in progress. Gives some commodity prices. "Plattevilleans" have recently entertained by Rev. Cidevant [Col. Lehmanvousky?] of "Boney's Old Guard" who gave four interesting lectures on Bonaparte's campaigns in Russia and Egypt. Thermometer at 32 below zero. A.L.S. 3pp.

East Troy Sept 23 [18]47 WI.Letters2aa.Lette06

1847, Sept. 23. Absalom Miner, East Troy, to Rev. B[enjamin] M. Hill, Baptist Home Missionary Society, New York. Gives ten thousand thanks for Christian sympathy in his sad hour of irreparable calamity. Plans to be at the New York State Convention. They are not aware that some movements in some parts of the West do not altogether harmonize with the operations of the Home Missionary Society. A.L.S. 2pp.

Sheboygan Jun 26th 1847 WI.Letters2aa.Lette07

1847, June 26. Edward Ellwell, Sheboygan, to A. K. Peckham, Tunkhannock, Pa. Sheboygan growing fast, for there are now several hotels, stores, etc. Thinks the country is "bad". Too poor to support so large a town. The amount of building exceeds anything he ever saw before. There will be a state government soon. A.L.S. 3pp.

White oaksprings/ Lafayet [sic] Co/ Wisconsant [sic] Teritory [sic]/ August 14 the [sic] 1847 WI.Letters2aa.Lette08

1847, Aug. 14. Samuel Light, White Oak Springs, to Benjamin T. Kristine, Crawfordville, Indiana. Received a letter from C. Snyder saying that he had the money all ready for the writer. Collect the money as fast as it comes due. A.L.S. 1p.

Lafaette [sic] December 11--1847-- WI.Letters2aa.Lette09

1847, Dec. 11. Mary M. Rogers, Lafayette [Sent from Spring Prairie (Franklin) on Dec. 25.], to Miss Nancy Enos, South Richland, New York. Has erysipelas very bad. Called the doctor twice. All have sore eyes. Would like to go back again. "The children often speak within themselves they want to go back again." Mr. Rogers likes the country as well as he expected he should. A.L.S. 3pp.

[June 30, 1847]/ Dear brother, WI.Letters2aa.Lette10

1847, June 30. William Brand, Pleasant Prairie, the Rev. Benjamin [M.] Hill, Baptist Home Missionary Society, New York. Report for the quarter ending June 30, 1847. Gave 37 sermons, attended 6 prayer meetings, visited religiously families, traveled 224 miles doing his work, obtained 4 signatures to temperance pledges. Sunday schools not well-attended owing to jealousies and mistakes resulting from the conflict going on among the several different denominations. A.L.S. 2pp.

Neenah July fifth 1847 WI.Letters2aa.Lette11

1847, July 5. D. C. Hank, Neenah, to his brother N.B. Finch, Jay, New York. Will be married in a few moments. Wishes that the money had been sent to him by mail instead of by P. Bowman, for then he could be sure of receiving it. It is a good business (entering land for other people). Money is worth from 12 to 25 percent [of what?] here. A.L.S. 3pp.

Burlington July 17 1847 WI.Letters2aa.Lette12

1847, July 17. Amy B. Foster, Burlington [now Illinois], To Stephen Benedict, Sherburne, New York. "Dear parents." Neighbor and family gossip. Crops good. A.L.S. 3pp.

New Diggings July 17th 1847 WI.Letters2aa.Lette13

1847, July 17. Olive ---------, New Diggings, to her uncle Jeremiah Allen, Walpole, Massachusetts. Brother had a call from the church at Platteville to become the pastor. Church at Platteville very much divided. Electa's brother Erwin to come and preach at Platteville until brother can leave here. She would not like to remain here teaching after brother is gone. Forming societies in the East to send teachers West. Probably a poor idea for the new teachers will not be prepared for the trials that they will be obliged to meet. Four schools in the neighborhood, one a Catholic school. Her school has 34 scholars. 4 Sunday schools here. The Catholics exert much influence. They have a fine church, and are expecting a new bell. A.L.S. 4pp.

Geneva April 20th [1847]/ To Rev. B. M. Hill Secy of Am Bap H. M. Soc'y WI.Letters2aa.Lette14

1847, Apr. 20. J[oel] M. Fish, Geneva, to the Rev. Benjamin Hill, Baptist Home Missionary Society, New York. Received appropriation for the quarter ending April 1, 1847. The sum is incorrect. Balance due is $12.50. A.L.S. 1p.

Manitowoc Sept, 30 1847 WI.Letters2aa.Lette15

1847, Sept. 30. William P. [Dobber?], Manitowoc [Manitowoc Rapids], to Zebiner Cushman, Ripton, Vermont. Is tending the post office now for John P. Chumplin who has gone South to get "doctored." Worked for Mr. Sawyer who only paid $8. a month. The chill fever is pretty common this fall. Steamboats stop here as often as once a week now. A.L.S. 2pp.

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Febuary [sic] 9 1847

Milwaukee Feby. 27.1847

Madison April 6th 1847

Whitewater Jan. 28 1847

Plattville [sic] Grant Co Wis/ [January?] 22/ [18]47

East Troy Sept 23 [18]47

Sheboygan Jun 26th 1847

White oaksprings/ Lafayet [sic] Co/ Wisconsant [sic] Teritory [sic]/ August 14 the [sic] 1847

Lafaette [sic] December 11--1847--

[June 30, 1847]/ Dear brother,

Neenah July fifth 1847

Burlington July 17 1847

New Diggings July 17th 1847

Geneva April 20th [1847]/ To Rev. B. M. Hill Secy of Am Bap H. M. Soc'y

Manitowoc Sept, 30 1847

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