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Letters from farmers on ready-to-start farms


Letters from farmers on ready-to-start farms
Madison, Wisconsin: Agricultural Literature Department, National Land Colonizing Company, [192-?]
8 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

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[Title page] Letters from farmers on ready-to-start-farms, p. [1]

Introduction, p. 2

I would not sell my farm for double the amount I paid for it, Hartwig, Frank p. 2

As good land as there is any place in the state of Wisconsin, Knapp, John p. 2

We sure have a great future before us, McNeil, W. R. p. 2

I figure I have a better farm than my dad, Keeney, Lester E. p. 2

It took me three days to brush and log one acre, Kilday, James; Kilday, James, Mrs. p. 2

We can recommend the National Land Colonization Co., Cripps, Guy; Cripps, Guy, Mrs. p. 3

The land is everything that the company represents it to be, Deitrich, Henry C. p. 3

Best everything they saw two to one, Sofer, C. E. p. 4

The land suited me and the price, Smith, Chas. C. p. 4

"I saw many fields of good corn", Regal, A. E. p. 4

"After a thorough investigation I bought 40 acres for a start", Burk, W. J. p. 4

"When we were in Iowa my wife and I always talked farm", Beckett, M. H. p. 4

"I have opened a store at Dairy Center", Belknap, Morris p. 5

"We have a fine bunch of neighbors up here", Godwin, F. C. p. 5

"You people want to see men get started on good land and have success", Lindahl, Lars p. 6

"When I left Illinois to go up into Wisconsin last year I never expected to find such a country", LaVallee, A. J. p. 6

"I think the price the land sells at, and the terms the company extends to a settler certainly makes it a poor man's paradise", Knight, Earl p. 6

"I think I have one of the best farms in the state of Wisconsin", Helming, J. B. p. 6

"From one who knows a good piece of land and has got it", Bolitho, J. p. 6

"So I closed a deal for 80 acres", Culver, J. W. p. 7

"You know we drove our teams through from Indiana", McGraw, Herbert; McGraw, Herbert, Mrs. p. 7

"About three months ago I flatly refused $600 profit for my 40 acres", Koepke, Chas. F. p. 8

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