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Janesville public schools 1977-1980


Nickol, Marian
Janesville public schools 1977-1980
Part III
57 leaves

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[Title page] Janesville Public Schools 1977-1980: part III

Contents, pp. i-iii

Introduction, p. 1

New administrative positions, p. 2

Retirement of Superintendent Fred R. Holt, p. 3

New Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Donald Mrdjenovich, pp. 4-5

Survey of needs of schools, pp. 6-8

Back to basics emphasis, pp. 9-10

Schools and population, pp. 11-13

Public relations, pp. 14-15

Employees - remuneration, pp. 16-17

Employees - point system for teachers, p. 18

Teaching methods of interest, pp. 19-21

Special education, pp. 22-24

Gifted and talented students, pp. 25-27

Vocational education, pp. 28-29

Summer school, p. 30

Physical education, p. 31

Athletics, p. 32

Open campus, p. 33

Alcohol and drug abuse, p. 34

Vandalism, p. 35

Student discipline, p. 36

Recognition of staff members, pp. 37-38

Grading and testing of students, p. 39

Student activities, pp. 40-41

Student honors, p. 42

Volunteer and parental involvement, pp. 43-44

Miscellaneous, pp. 45-48

Acronyms, p. 49

Administrative changes, p. 50

Support staff changes, p. 51

Retirements, p. 52

School board members, p. 53

Teachers salary schedules, p. 54

Statistics, p. 55

Federal programs, p. 56

Bibliography, pp. 57 ff.

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