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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company ledger, 1902]


[Hamilton Manufacturing Company ledger, 1902]
Two Rivers, Wisconsin: J.E. Hamilton Holly Wood Type Company, 1902

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[Marbled pages]

Manufacturing 'a', pp. 1-5

Manufacturing expense 'a', pp. 6-14

Freight 'a', pp. 15-16

Lumber 'a', pp. 17-18

Wages 'a', pp. 19-22

Expense 'a', pp. 23-26

Goods ret'd 'a', pp. 27-29

Discount 'a', pp. 30-31

General expense, pp. 32-37

Profit and loss, pp. 38-39

Bills receivable, pp. 40-47

Bills payable, pp. 48-49

Advertising, pp. 50-51

Machine shop, pp. 52-55

Advertising no. 2, p. 56

Fuel 'e', pp. 57-58

Manufacturing expense 'e', pp. 59-64

Building 'e', p. 65

Engineers house, pp. 66-70

Real estate, p. 71

Fixtures 'a', pp. 72-73

Fixtures 'b', pp. 74-75

Machine shop fixtures, p. 76

Fixtures 'f', pp. 77-78

Fixtures 'o', p. 79

Manufacturing 'b', pp. 80-88

Manufacturing expense 'b', pp. 89-101

Freight 'b', pp. 102-106

Lumber 'b', pp. 107-116

Wages 'b', pp. 117-120

Expense 'b', pp. 121-126

Goods ret'd 'b', pp. 127-131

Discount 'b', pp. 132-134

Interest and discount, pp. 135-139

Cash, p. 140

Post office, p. 141

Chicago sales, p. 142

Chicago cash, pp. 143-148

Chicago expense, p. 149

Sundries no. 3, p. 150

Accident insurance, p. 151

Suspense, pp. 152-154

Middletown expense, pp. 155-156

Middletown cash, pp. 157-158

Middletown tenements , p. 159

Middletown freight, pp. 160-163

Coal dock, pp. 164-165

[Accounts], pp. 166-422 ff.

[Marbled pages]


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