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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company ledger, 1895]


[Hamilton Manufacturing Company ledger, 1895]
Two Rivers, Wisconsin: J.E. Hamilton Holly Wood Type Company, 1895

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Manfg. [Manufacturing], manfg. exp. [manufacturing expense], freight, lumber, wages, expense, goods retd [goods returned], discount, and old fixtures A, pp. 1-32

Real estate and real estate old plant, p. 32

Capital stock, p. 33

General expense, pp. 34-43

Merchandise, pp. 44-51

Profit and loss, pp. 52-53

Bills receivable, pp. 54-59

Bills payable, pp. 60-63

Advertising a/c, pp. 64-65

Machine shop, pp. 66-71

Fuel and manfg. exp. E [Fuel and manufacturing expense E], pp. 72-81

Buildings A, B, C, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, and L (Barn), pp. 82-90

Engineers house, p. 91

Fixtures A, B, C, E, and F, pp. 92-101

Manfg [Manufacturing], manfg exp [manufacturing expense], freight, lumber, wages, expense, goods retd. [goods returned], and discount B, pp. 102-149

Interest & discount, pp. 150-157

Cash a/c, p. 158

Post office, p. 159

Chicago cash, expense, freight, bills receivable, and fixtures, pp. 160-167

New York a/c, pp. 168-169

J.E. Hamilton, pp. 170-181

J.E. Hamilton building a/c [J.E. Hamilton building a/c], pp. 182-189

H.P. Hamilton, pp. 190-200

J.E. Hamilton [continued], p. 201

C.F. Canright, pp. 202-204

J.B. Mohler, pp. 205-209

Maud Morrison, pp. 210-211

A.M. Morrison, pp. 212-216

Maud Morrison a/c #2, p. 217

Arthur Lohmann, pp. 218-221

Cora M. Harrison, pp. 222-227

D.S. Moses, pp. 228-231

David Nottage, pp. 232-233

Thos Reid [Thomas Reid], pp. 234-235

H.I. Maitland, pp. 236-238

H.L. Bullen, p. 239

W.C. Clarke, pp. 240-241

Chicago sales and suspense, pp. 242-244

Accident insurance, pp. 245-247

Suspense a/c, pp. 248-259

[Individual accounts], pp. 260-570

Sundries #2, pp. 574-578

[Individual accounts continued], pp. 579-617

Sundries #1, pp. 618-619

[Individual accounts continued], pp. 620-911

Balance a/c, pp. 912-925 ff.

[Individual accounts continued], pp. 1000 ff.


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