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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company ledger, 1892]


[Hamilton Manufacturing Company ledger, 1892]
Two Rivers, Wisconsin: J.E. Hamilton Holly Wood Type Company, 1892

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[Marbled pages]

Manfg. and manfg. ex. A [Manufacturing and manufacturing expense A], pp. 1-11

General ex. [General expense], pp. 12-18

Freight, fixtures, lumber, wages, expense, goods ret. [goods returned], and old fixture A, pp. 26-49

Real estate old plant, p. 49

Building and discount A, pp. 50-59

Capital stock, p. 60

Real estate, p. 60

Page purchase a/c, p. 61

Real estate [continued], pp. 62-63

Merchandise, pp. 64-73

Profit and loss, pp. 74-75

Bills receivable, pp. 76-81

Bills payable, pp. 82-91

Suspense a/c, pp. 92-97

Advertising, pp. 98-100

Sanding machine, p. 101

Machine shop, pp. 102-106

Slat machine a/c, p. 107

Fixtures, fncl, and man. ex. E [Fixture, financial, and manufacturing expense E], pp. 108-120

Engineers house, p. 121

Buildings E, B, C, F, G, H, and I, pp. 122-127

Fixtures C and H, pp. 128-129

Interest, pp. 130-131

Cash a/c, p. 132

Post office, p. 133

Accident ins. a/c [Accident insurance a/c], pp. 134-135

Bills payable [continued], pp. 136-139

Manfg. [Manufacturing], paint shop, manfg. ex [manufcaturing expense], freight, fixtures, lumber, wages, expense, goods ret. [goods returned], discount, and expense B, pp. 140-185

[Individual accounts], pp. 186-195

Building K, pp. 196-198

Interest, pp. 199-200

Merchandise, pp. 201-203

Bills receivable, pp. 204 ff.

State bank, pp. 216-217

Building a/c, pp. 218-219

Engineers house [continued], p. 220

New York a/c, pp. 221-225

Chicago cash, expense, sales, freight, and fixtures, pp. 226-234

New York fixtures and a/c, pp. 235-261

J.E. Hamilton, pp. 262-270

H.P. Hamilton, pp. 271-275

Maud Morrison, pp. 278-281

D.S. Moses, pp. 282-283

Arthur Lohmann, pp. 284-285

Cora M. Harrison, pp. 286-287

David Nottage, p. 288

Ella F. Conine, p. 289

Thos. Reid [Thomas Reid], p. 290

Walter C. Luse, p. 290

Walter C. Clarke, pp. 290-291

H.L. Bullen, p. 291

J.J. Richards, p. 291

Harry I. Maitland, p. 292

H.J. Pickering, p. 293

Thos. Reid [Thomas Reid continued], p. 294

H.P. Hamilton [continued], p. 295

[Individual accounts continued], pp. 296-627

Sunds #2 [Sundries #2], pp. 628-631

[Individual accounts continued], pp. 632-647

Claim a/c, p. 648

[Individual accounts continued], pp. 648-649

Sundries #1, pp. 650-653

[Individual accounts continued], pp. 654-867 ff.

Balance a/c, pp. 874-887 ff.

Bills receivable record, pp. 918-931

Bills payable record, pp. 932-959

Stock a/cs, pp. 960 ff.

[Marbled pages]


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