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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company ledger, 1890]


[Hamilton Manufacturing Company ledger, 1890]
Two Rivers, Wisconsin: J.E. Hamilton Holly Wood Type Company, 1890

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[Marbled pages]

Manufacturing A, pp. 1-5 ff.

Gen'l expense [General expense], pp. 26-35 ff.

Freight B, pp. 46-51

Fixtures and fuel A, pp. 52-57

Expense B, p. 58

Lumber, wages, and discount A, pp. 59-71

Fixtures and lumber B, pp. 72-79

Interest, p. 80

Back int. a/c [Back interest a/c], p. 81

Expense B, pp. 82-83

Merchandise, pp. 84-89

Discount, pp. 90-91 ff.

Lumber, wages, building, and fuel B, pp. 98-105

Cash a/c, pp. 106-107

Building B, p. 108

Post office a/c, p. 109

Building and real estate A, pp. 110-111

Profit & loss, pp. 112-113

Bills receivable, pp. 114-120

Building B [continued], pp. 121-123

Bills payable, pp. 124-128 ff.

Freight and goods returned a/c A, pp. 136-139

Paint shop, pp. 140-143

Suspense a/c, pp. 144-149

[Individual accounts], pp. 150-173 ff.

Chicago cash, sales, freight, bills rec. [bills receivable], expense, fixtures, and suspense, pp. 182-189

Goods ret. [Goods returned] and manufacturing B, pp. 190-202

Chicago cash [continued], p. 203

Goods ret. [Goods returned] and general expense A, pp. 204-209

Advertising a/c, pp. 210-213

H.P. Hamilton, pp. 214-221

J.E. Hamilton, pp. 222-231

Maud Morrison, pp. 232-236

Jennie E. Pierpont, p. 237

Miss May M. Taylor, p. 238

D.S. Moses, pp. 239-241

Lucy J. Niquette, p. 242

David Nottage, p. 243

Walter C. Luse, p. 244

Walter C. Clarke, p. 245

Arthur Lohmann, p. 246

Thos. Reid [Thomas Reid], pp. 247-249

[Individual accounts], pp. 250-439

Sundries #3, p. 440

[Individual accounts continued], pp. 441-459

Sundries #2, pp. 460-463

[Individual accounts continued], pp. 464-484

Capital stock a/c, p. 485

[Individual accounts continued], pp. 486-492 ff.

Mrs. J.E. Hamilton, p. 499

Sundries #1, pp. 500-502

[Individual accounts continued], pp. 503-683

Balance a/c, pp. 684-694 ff.

[Individual accounts continued], pp. 750-772 ff.

Bills receivable record, pp. 920-935

Bills payable record, pp. 936-946 ff.

Stock a/cs, pp. 958-960 ff.

[Marbled pages]


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