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From the fields


From the fields
[Madison, Wisconsin?]: [s.n], [1939?]
80 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.

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[Cover] From the fields

Introductory, Barton, John R.


Nature writing

Paul Bunyan's paradise, Fisher, Lawrence p. 1

I plough a straight black furrow, Kuharic, Vincent p. 2

Cloudy cluster, Keil, Frederick p. 3

A picture, Billings, Norman L. p. 4

The chance to be free, Baum, Mark p. 5

While the city throbs, Kuharic, Vincent p. 6

Look! And see the land, Villwock, Loyal p. 7

Thunder before rain, Kuhn, Bernard p. 8

Scraggly oak, Zick, Carrol p. 9

Morning mood, Keil, Frederick p. 10

Spring magic, Antholt, Harold p. 11

An adventure in improbability, Wilde, Everett pp. 12-13

A winter flood, Rinehart, Hal C. p. 14

Along the shore, Hanson, Curtis p. 15

Snow to earth, Koch, Byron p. 16

Musing, Moore, Wesley A. p. 17

Spark in the drought, Strohman, Robert p. 18

Fire, friend and foe, Rinehart, Halsey pp. 19-20

Fisher's paradise, Rominsky, Melvin p. 21

A ship at sea, Jarvi, Eddie p. 22

Majesty, Nehring, Marshall p. 23

Sundown, Laper, Grant p. 24

The tornado, Antholt, Harold p. 25

Morning comes early, Kuhn, Bernard p. 26

Philosophical and speculative

Time and man, Wilde, Everett p. 27

A blunder, Kapfhamer, Albert p. 28

The broad community, Kapfhamer, Albert J. p. 29

Dig the earth, Kapfhamer, Albert p. 30

Son of Adam, p. 31

Our strangest problem, Hanson, Edward p. 32

This to me is a relief, p. 33

Moorings, Northey, Lawrence p. 34

Truth and religion, Rinehart, Halsey pp. 35-36

Our sons, Conway, Bob p. 37

Civilized man?, Kuemmet, John p. 38

Violent death, Wilson, Roger pp. 39-41

The years ahead, Nehring, Marshall p. 42

Meditation, Roach, David p. 43

The world within, Ochsner, Henry pp. 44-45

Increasing values, Winn, Len. H. pp. 46-47

Today and tomorrow, Koch, Byron p. 48

War madness, Haines, Donald L. p. 49

The value of the short course, Strohman, Robert p. 50

Rural electrification, Cooke, Kermit C. p. 51

The value of good literature, Anderson, Christen p. 52

The social side, Strohman, Robert pp. 53 ff.

Humor and satire

How to open a stuck valve, Utheim, Harold p. 54

The ballad of cold-nosed Pete, Wilde, Everett p. 55

Off to work, Wentworth, Howard p. 56

The maiden's dream after eating too much boiled cabbage, Zank, Elmer p. 57

A boy of seventeen, Ames, Ralph p. 58

Swing music, Winn, Leonard p. 59

Barn dance fun, Jandt, John p. 60

Stridor supreme!, Wilde, Everett p. 61

Dinner for two, Hopkins, Franklin pp. 62-63

On our way, Ochsner, Henry pp. 64-66

Let-down, Roach, David p. 67

Shirred eggs, Helmsteter, Henry p. 68

Sideshow, Conlon, Louis p. 69

"Thou shalt not lie", Zick, Carroll pp. 70 ff.

Farm and home

Clods and clouds, Rinehart, Hal p. 71

The art of feeding a calf, Lislewire, Warren p. 72

Out of the southwest, Nold, Paul p. 73

When I was born, Brackin, Robert p. 74

The answer, Brackin, Robert p. 75

Sam, Hopkins, Franklin p. 76

Buster, Halverson, Lawrence p. 77

The boy hunter, Jarvi, Eddie p. 78

Essay on pigs, Antholt, Harold p. 79

The overseer, Northey, Lawrence p. 80

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