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Forestry in Wisconsin: a new outlook


Wisconsin Commercial Forestry Conference, 1928
Forestry in Wisconsin: a new outlook
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The Conference: distributed by H. L. Ashworth, 1928
194 p. : plates, map, diagrs. ; 24 cm.

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[Half-title] Forestry in Wisconsin

[Title page] Forestry in Wisconsin: a new outlook. Official report of the Wisconsin Commercial Forestry Conference held at Milwaukee, March 28-29


Table of contents

Introduction. Conservation--conscious, forest-wise, Frank, Glenn pp. 1-7 ff.

Chapter I. Scope and purpose of the conference, p. 9

A bird's eye view, Everest, D. C. pp. 9-14

National economy and wise use of land, Jardine, W. M. pp. 14-15

A glance ahead in Wisconsin forestry, Zimmerman, Fred R. pp. 16-20

Commerce and forestry, Sargent, Fred W. pp. 20-22

Sentiment also, Stotzer, Oscar F. pp. 22-23

Chapter II. Land and forest situation in Wisconsin, p. 24

Wisconsin's idle plant, Russell, H. L. pp. 24-25

Land in relation to forestry, Hibbard, B. H. pp. 25-31

Forest conditions in Wisconsin, Zon, Raphael pp. 31-37

The need of land classification, Duffy, Walter A. pp. 37-40

State activities in forestry, Clark, Noble pp. 40-43

Federal activities in Wisconsin forestry, Kneipp, L. F. pp. 44-48

Chapter III. What forests mean, p. 49

To Wisconsin, Mauthe, Wm. pp. 49-50

To the public, Reis, Alvin C. pp. 50-53

To the lumber industry, McCullough, M. P. pp. 53-55

To the paper and pulp industry, Sensenbrenner, F. J. pp. 55-57

To the railroads, Larimer, H. S. pp. 57-59

To hydroelectric power, Frank, M. H. pp. 59-62

To recreation industry, Williams, Burt pp. 62-65

To resorts, Ashworth, H. L. pp. 65-66

To outdoor organizations, Aberg, Wm. J. P. pp. 66-68

To Milwaukee, Hoan, Daniel W. pp. 68-70

To manufacturers, Kull, George F. pp. 70-73

To the retail lumberman, Springer, Ben V. pp. 73-75

To employees, Knutson, R. G. pp. 75-77

To the state press, Broughton, C. E. pp. 77-79

Chapter IV. Forestry by private owners, p. 80

Determining factors, Bissell, F. K. pp. 80-82

Commercial practicability, Greeley, W. B. pp. 82-84

The state's responsibility, Nagler, L. B. pp. 84-86

The farm timberlot, Wilson, F. G. pp. 86-88

Pulpwood production, Alexander, J. E. pp. 88-90

Sawtimber production, Holt, W. A. pp. 90-92

Operating result, Banzhaf, George pp. 93-94

Efficient logging practice, Garver, R. D. pp. 94-95

Second growth possibilities, Earle, G. Harold pp. 95-99

Financial aspects, Coit, Merrill pp. 99-102

Depletion and depreciation, Stevens, Carl M. pp. 102-104

A successful example, Sullivan, W. H. pp. 104-106

Two timber crops in sixty years, Foll, Carl pp. 106-107

Chapter V. Fire control in Wisconsin, p. 108

Fire suppression, Luening, Fred W. pp. 108-112

Community cooperation, Cecil, Charles L. pp. 112-115

What is needed, Harrington, C. L. pp. 115-118

Owners organization, Flanders, R. G. pp. 119-120

Federal aid, Hoar, Crosby A. pp. 120-122

Prevention, Osborn, A. L. pp. 122-123

How it can be done, Sensenbrenner, F. J. pp. 123-126

Chapter VI. The forest crop: tax law, p. 127

Its purpose, Blanchard, George W. pp. 127-128

Its administration, Wengert, Eugene pp. 128-131

Its application to the lumber operator, Schroeder, John pp. 131-132

Its application to the pulpwood operator, Wheaton, W. R. pp. 132-134

Its application to the towns, Goodman, R. B. pp. 134-136

Chapter VII. Forest utilization in Wisconsin, p. 137

"Cellulose propagators", Weiss, Howard F. p. 137

Applied research, Winslow, Carlile P. pp. 138-143

The life of the lumber industry prolonged, Swan, O. T. pp. 143-149

Improved marketing methods, Collins, Harold C. pp. 149-152

In pulp and paper manufacture, Abrams, Allen pp. 153-154

In dimension stock, Quinlan, John V. pp. 155-157

In national trade extension, Reed, Franklin W. pp. 158-159

Chapter VIII. Human aspects, p. 160

A table of presidents, p. 160

Interest in the conference, pp. 160-161

Limiting the time of speakers, p. 161

President Sargent answers Mayor Hoan, pp. 161-162

A modest toastmaster, pp. 162-163

The forests come to the conference, Hatch, K. L.; Wilson, F. G. pp. 163-164

The importance of forests to social welfare, Frank, Glenn pp. 165-169

Chapter IX. Findings of the conference, p. 170

Its significance, Stuart, R. Y. p. 170

What forward steps have been developed, Everest, D. C. pp. 171-175

Recommendations of the conference, Blanchard, Geo. W. pp. 176-178

Appendix, pp. [179] ff.

Wisconsin forestry laws, pp. 181-186

Valuation of timber crops, pp. 187-192

General committee and participants in the conference, pp. 193-194 ff.

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