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Forest and tree culture in Wisconsin


Blaisdell, J. J. (James Joshua), 1827-1896
Forest and tree culture in Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin: F.S. Horner, book and job printer, 1893
46 p. ; 23 cm.

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[Half title] Forest and tree culture in Wisconsin

Constitution of the State Forestry Association

Officers [and executive committee of the State Forestry Association]

[Title page] Forest and tree culture in Wisconsin

[On the Forestry Association], Bechner, Paul; Putnam, C. H.; Hutchins, C. A. pp. [1]-[2]

Forest and tree culture in Wisconsin, pp. [3]-4

Relation of forests to public wealth, pp. 4-5

National forests in Wisconsin, pp. 5-7

Waste of the national forests, pp. 7-8

A valuable national forest reservation, pp. 9-10

National forest tillage, pp. 10-11

State forests in Wisconsin, p. 11

Extent and value of state forests, pp. 12-14

Wisconsin forest tillage, pp. 15-16

What was quite practicable, p. 16

Barbarous and civilized methods, p. 17

Shall we preserve our state forests in future?, p. 18

A trust for the public schools, pp. 18-19

Forest tillage nothing new, pp. 19-21

A reasonable department of public administration, pp. 21-22

An objection which vanishes with time, pp. 22-24

New forests within reach, pp. 24-25

Two alternatives, pp. 25-26

A tillage more profitable than agriculture, pp. 26-27

Abundant examples of successful forest tillage, pp. 27-28

Methods simple and well ascertained, p. 29

Still weighter reasons for preserving the public forests, pp. 29-31

Forests and the physical and mental life of a people, p. 31

Equilibrium of forces in the system of nature, pp. 31-32

Forests and the rainfall, p. 33

Forests and the permanency of springs and rivers, pp. 34-36

Forests and freshets, pp. 36-37

Laws inexorable, and results sure though processes slow, pp. 37-38

Testimony of geology, pp. 38-40

Inconsiderateness of early settlements, pp. 40-41

The higher ministry of forests to the intelligence and spirit of a people, pp. 41-42

A forest summer resort, pp. 42-44

The beauty and rich suggestiveness of trees in the landscape and around our homes, pp. 44-45

The new era of the continent makes new claims, pp. 46 ff.

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