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Bunny Berigan of Fox Lake


Bunny Berigan of Fox Lake

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[Obituary of William Berigan (grandfather)], p. [1]

[Obituary of John F. Schlitzberg (uncle)], p. [2]

[Obituaries of Bunny Berigan's mother and father], p. [3]

[Genealogy of William P. Berigan], p. [4]

[Obituaries of Donald, Margaret, and Robert Berigan], p. [5]

[Funeral card of Donald Berigan], pp. [6]-[7]

[Items of weddings, band date, and thank you], p. [8]

[Obituaries of Julia, John, Thomas & Edward Berigan], p. [9]

[Obituary of Robert Berigan and church card of Bernard "Bunny" Berigan], pp. [10]-[11]

[Birth certificate of Rowland Bernart "Bunny" Berigan], p. [12]

[Pedigree chart], p. [13]

[Obituaries of Bunny Berigan], p. [14]

[Obituary of Patricia Slavin (daughter)], p. [15]

[Berigan family genealogy], pp. [16]-[26]

[Genealogy of Bunny Berigan family], pp. [26]-[29]

[Census information on Berigans & Caseys], pp. [30]-[33]

[Story of William Berigan & Ellen Stapleton], p. [34]

[Short story about Bunny Berigan], p. [35]

[Story of the Odd Fellows' Hall], pp. [36]-[40]

[Program from the Odd Fellows' Hall], p. [41]

[Bunny Berigan's early life, written by his brother Don], pp. [42]-[48]

[Fox Lake Public Library registration book, cards 490 and 491], pp. [49]-[51]

[Registration book of Fox Lake Public Library, card 296a], pp. [52]-[53]

[Early history of local music, 2-1935], p. [54]

[Portion of an old program showing N.H. Berigan as band chairman], p. [55]

[Overall party at Schlitzberg Hall], p. [56]

[Article from Daily Citizen of 3-1-1944], p. [57]

[History of my life by Donald Berigan], pp. [58]-[63]

[Dramatics page from the Fox (high school yearbook)], p. [64]

[Fox Lake trumpeter named king of swing], p. [65]

[He gave the kid a break by Owen Coyle], pp. [66]-[67]

[Story of Bunny Berigan written by Ruth E. Lindsay, 12-18-1933], pp. [68]-[69]

[Wisconsin boy in bands of Vallee, Whiteman], p. [70]

[Wedding announcement of Bunny and Donna], p. [71]

[Article on Bunny Berigan in Fox Lake Representative, 10-17-1935], p. [72]

Berigan and Lyman named radio's kings of swing!, p. [73]

Bix & Bunny authored by Bill Felton, pp. [74]-[75]

Berigan again by Dan Clements, pp. [76]-[81]

[Metronome nominates Bunny Berigan for Musicians' Hall of Fame], p. [82]

Bunny Berigan to take part in big Broadway production, p. [83]

['Boosting the Rabbit' Milwaukee Journal, 2-27-1938], p. [84]

[Bunny Berigan, Devil's Holiday], pp. [85]-[90]

On the sunny side of the street, p. [91]

Bunny Berigan and the Rhythm Makers - vol. one, 1936 & 1938, pp. [92]-[97]

Bunny Berigan and his Rhythm Makers, pp. [98]-[106]

Bunny Berigan: Sideman, pp. [107]-[122]

[Handbill advertisement for Apollo Theatre], p. [123]

[Advertisement from Norwalk, Connecticut], p. [124]

[All set to burn 'em up New York Post, 5-13-1938], p. [125]

Bunny Berigan - leader & sideman, p. [126]

["Bun" Berigan just too good and Christmas cards], pp. [127]-[128]

I can't get started, pp. [129]-[130]

I can't get started: The life song of Bunny Berigan, Priest, Dann pp. [131]-[133]

Stardust, in WQEW's poll, 'Can't Get' to no. 1, p. [134]

Bunny Berigan and his orchestra, 1938-1942, pp. [135]-[137]

Bunny Berigan Gangbusters, pp. [138]-[143]

Bunny Berigan purveys torrid rhythms for dance enthusiasts, p. [144]

Buddy Rich to drum here, p. [145]

[The Saturday night swing club by Kingston Johns], p. [146]

Madison had 'swing' a dozen years ago, Bunny Berigan recalls, p. [147]

Bunny Berigan thinks jitterbugs are too noisy, p. [148]

Riding the airwaves, p. [149]

[Louis Armstrong & others asked about Bunny Berigan], pp. [150]-[153]

[Comments from different sources about Bunny Berigan], pp. [154]-[165]

[Bunny Berigan, the unknown band], pp. [166]-[167]

Bunny Berigan - Fox Lake - Idol of jitterbugs, 1908-1942, pp. [168]-[184]

Discography Louis Armstrong, 1934-1936, p. [185]

All-music guide+, pp. [186]-[187]

Great expectations: the high cost of being Bunny Berigan, pp. [188]-[191]

Bunny Berigan, pp. [192]-[195]

"My chops was beat - but I'm dyin' to swing again", pp. [196]-[197]

[Bunny Berigan: jazz in the '30s], Mason, Richard pp. [198]-[215]

Disbands orchestra, p. [216]

[Jazz: Bunny Berigan article in the New Yorker, 11-8-1982], pp. [217]-[218]

[Rowland Bernard Berigan articles in Jan Scobey's Hot Jazz catalogs], pp. [219]-[222]

Berigan loved his trumpet; died rather than abandon it, p. [223]

[Bunny Berigan death an irony, article in New York Sun, 6-3-1942], p. [224]

[Sweet and low-down in Boston Herald, 6-3-1942], Frazier, George pp. [225]-[226]

Berigan's own music is his best memorial, p. [227]

Harry James plays memorial dance for Bunny Berigan, p. [228]

A short life, but a blaze of glorious music, p. [229]

[Fox Lake juvenile band and cemetery ceremony], p. [230]

[A tribute to Bunny Berigan in Down Beat, 7-1-1942], p. [231]

[The music of Bunny Berigan on discs], p. [232]

[Berigan tune all too brief in Milwaukee Sentinel, 9-7-1985], Joslyn, Jay p. [233]

[Bootleg, Berigan and Hot Dixie article in Isthmus, 7-25-1980], pp. [234]-[236]

[Bunny Berigan most lyrical of all jazz trumpeters, 4-21-1978], Nelson, Nels p. [237]

[Benny boosts Bunny in lights, 4-17-1981], Nelson, Nels p. [238]

[1974 article], Gossnink, Mark pp. [239]-[242]

[Manager nails Berigan lies article in Down Beat, 9-1-1942], p. [243]

A tribute to "Bunny" Berigan, p. [244]

[Notes written for RCA], Davis, Bob pp. [245]-[254]

[Bunny Berigan's 'I can't get started'], p. [255]

Bunny Berigan, pp. [256]-[259]

[Bunny Berigan one of RCA stable musicians], p. [260]

[Bunny Berigan], Dexter, Bruce pp. [261]-[263]

Bunny Berigan: started first band 1937, p. [264]

Bunny Berigan, pp. [265]-[284]

"He set American swinging", p. [285]

5 records voted into hall of fame, Milwaukee Journal, 3-3-1975, p. [286]

[All time favorite recordings, 1-30-1997], Ellsworth, Jack p. [287]

[Wiscomics, 3-1993], Raya, Jay p. [288]

[Queen of swing, The Mississippi Rag, 6-1996], Hester, Mary Lee pp. [289]-[291]

[Benny Goodman interview in Down Beat, 9-1982], Jeske, Lee pp. [292]-[295]

The jazz singers, p. [296]

Life of great horn blower, Peterson, Gary p. [297]

[Reviving greats: RCA rolls again after unfortunate hiatus, 1-25-1967], pp. [298]-[299]

["Bunny swings forever" in Browsers', 4-1998], Spery, Joe p. [300]

American jazz Hall of Fame honorees, 1983-1995, p. [301]

[Revering the music of Box and Bunny, 6-23-1997], Freeman, Don p. [302]

In Lefty's world, Berigan plays forever, pp. [303]-[306]

[Bunny Berigan, his trumpet and his orchestra], pp. [307]-[308]

Historian summarizes life of prominent jazz musician, p. [309]

[Bunny Berigan remembered, 5-18-1975], Sweet, Marion R.B. p. [310]

[Fame comes to some from area, 6-30-1976], Goetz, Lynn p. [311]

Age is a state of mind to band member Art Beecher, 8-10-1979, p. [312]

[Fox Lake trumpeter named king of swing, 6-17-1999], Flemming, Julie p. [313]

[Bunny Berigan day Wisconsin State Journal, 5-27-1992], p. [314]

Musicians plan monument for great 'Bunny' Berigan, p. [315]

Dedicate monument to "Bunny" Berigan, p. [316]

Local musician of international fame honored Sunday, p. [317]

[Dedicate monument to late musician Bunny Berigan, 10-16-1953], pp. [318]-[319]

[Margaret Roberts assembled materials for Harriet O'Connell room], p. [320]

[Harriet O'Connell Historical Museum in Fox Lake Public Library], p. [321]

[Berigan included in show business book 10-2-1973], Heuer, Norma p. [322]

Bunny Berigan Day on May 18, 1974, Heuer, Norma pp. [323]-[324]

City observes first 'Bunny Berigan day', 5-23-1974, pp. [325]-[326]

[Berigan day plans completed, 1974], pp. [327]-[329]

[Bunny Berigan day, May 18, 1974, program booklet], Gossink, Mark pp. [330]-[341]

[Bunny Berigan Wisconsin state historical marker unveiled, 5-16-1976], pp. [342]-[345]

[Historical marker dedicated, The Representative, 5-20-1976], pp. [346]-[347]

[Events and stories of 4th Bunny Berigan Day, 5-14 & 15, 1977], pp. [348]-[351]

[Bunny Berigan Day program booklet for 5th year, 5-1978], pp. [352]-[355]

[Church card for Bernard "Bunny" Berigan], p. [356]

Bunny Berigan to receive memorial tribute, p. [357]

Ruedebusch visits Berigan graveside, pp. [358]-[359]

[Governor Lucey proclaims Bunny Berigan day], p. [360]

[Bunny Berigan: a Wisconsin original, 1990], Grams, John A. pp. [361]-[372]

Trumpet playing brings together "Satchmo" and Bunny, Flemming, Julie pp. [373]-[376]

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