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Wisconsin Academy review


Scott, Walter E., Editor
Wisconsin Academy review
Vol. 3, No. 4
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, Fall 1956

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[Cover] Wisconsin Academy review


Milwaukee Public Museum--past, present and future, McKern, W. C. pp. 145-147

The Dutch elm disease in Wisconsin, Chambers, E. L. pp. 148-149

Pest mosquitoes in Wisconsin, Dicke, Robert J. pp. 150-153

Flora of Lincoln County, Wisconsin, Seymour, Frank C. pp. 154-156

Education: the humanities and the sciences, Drummond, E. J. pp. 157-160

Miscellaneous news, p. 160

State's scientists have served dairying, Hopkins, Andrew W. pp. 161-165

Domain of letters: Relationship of American literature to American history, Clark, Harry H. pp. 166-168

Domain of letters: A note on the cover painting, Bohrod, Aaron p. 168

Domain of letters: A northern man, Morehouse, Ruth p. 169

Opinions of college faculties on general education, Reed, Gerald G. pp. 170-174

Wisconsin Academy council meeting, Hole, Francis D. pp. 174-175

Committee on water pollution--progress report, Wisniewski, Theodore F. p. 175

Junior Academy news, Thomson, John W., Jr. p. 176

A laboratory power supply, Krey, David pp. 176-177

Aluminum and mud, Kaziukewicz, Gary pp. 177-178

Cochran, H. Dean--forester, p. 178

The bookshelf, pp. 179-185

In memoriam--Burton R. Pierce, Knutzen, Norman p. 186

In memoriam--Fidelia Van Antwerp, p. 187

State and Academy news, pp. 188-189

Index to subject titles volume 3, pp. 190-192 ff.

[Cover] The white-tailed deer in Wisconsin

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