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Wisconsin Academy review


Scott, Walter E., Editor
Wisconsin Academy review
Volume 2, Number 2
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, Spring 1955

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The Milwaukee Center of the University of Wisconsin, Baier, Joseph G., Jr. pp. 1-3

I write a book, Schorger, A. W. pp. 4-5

A "new era" in Wisconsin history, Lord, Clifford L. pp. 6-7

The new Audubon camp of Wisconsin, Engelke, Walter W. pp. 7-9

A note on the cover painting, Bohrod, Aaron p. 9

The biography of a pheasant "flock," northwestern Wisconsin, Buss, Irven O. pp. 10-14

Some humanistic values in the study of chemistry, Fuller, Edward C. pp. 14-15

The Wayona Scientific Area, Peterson, Alvin M. pp. 16-17

Rededication of the Edward Dwight Eaton Chapel at Beloit College, Boutwell, Paul W. pp. 18-19

The Izaak Walton League in Wisconsin, Molstad, Arthur pp. 20-21

Phoebe Erickson, Scott, Gertrude M. pp. 22-23

Domain of letters, p. 24

"Painted by Ann", Van Antwerp, Fidelia p. 25

Eloise Gerry--Forest Products Laboratory (a retirement profile), Coleman, Donald G. pp. 26-28

Guido Reinhardt Rahr, new life member, p. 28

Junior Academy news, Thomson, John W., Jr. pp. 29-30

Binary notation, Hagen, Ralph H. pp. 30-32

Report from the secretary, Dicke, Robert J. pp. 32-34

News notes, p. 34

The bookshelf, pp. 35-37

In memoriam: Miss Elizabeth A. Oehlenschlaeger, 187[5]-1954, W. E. S. p. 38

In memoriam: Benjamin Smith Reynolds, 1885-1954, W. E. S. p. 38

In memoriam: Richard Fischer, 1869-1955, p. 39

State and Academy news, pp. 40-41

Membership list, pp. 42-48 ff.

A message from the Vice-President, Young, F. Chandler

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