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History of Reedsville to 1976


Zarnoth, Dorothy, Editor
History of Reedsville to 1976
Brillion, Wisconsin: Zander Press, [1976?]
72 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.

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[Cover] History of Reedsville to 1976, pp. [unnumbered]-1

Beginnings, pp. 2-12

Barnard's Bar, p. 13

Barnard Oil Co., pp. 13-14

Bergmann Barber Shop, pp. 14-15

L. C. Bruss Store, p. 16

Dr. E. C. Cary, pp. 16-17

Otto Dahlke, blacksmith, p. 17

Equity, pp. 17-18

Feile's Repair Shop, p. 18

Friedens United Church of Christ, pp. 18-20

Gisch Tin Shop, p. 20

George and Richard's Service Station, p. 20

H. K. Molding Co. Inc., pp. 20-21

Hale Sheet Metal, p. 21

Heberlein Dairy, pp. 21-22

The Honeycomb Beauty Salon, p. 22

Reedsville Jaycees, p. 22

Jim's Shoe Repair, p. 22

A. H. Junge, veterinarian, p. 23

Kabat's County Gardens, pp. 23-24

Kadow Market, p. 24

Kochan's Service Garage, pp. 24-25

Kugle's Garage, p. 25

Legion Hall, p. 26

Lionettes, p. 26

Kubale Tavern, p. 26

Mack Marbleworks, p. 26

August Maertz Mills, p. 27

Maertz Store, p. 27

Novak Tavern, p. 27

Ottelien Shoes, p. 28

Pautz Hardware, pp. 28-29

Piepenburg and Reichardt Garage, p. 29

Pritzl Station, pp. 29-30

Rahn Store, p. 30

Rataichek's, pp. 31-32

Reedsville Brillion Insurance Agency, Inc., pp. 32-33

Reedsville City Band, p. 33

Reedsville Cooperative, pp. 33-34

Reedsville Medical Center, pp. 34-35

Reedsville Fire Department, p. 35

Reedsville Post Office, p. 36

Reedsville Public School, pp. 37-40

Reedsville Sheet Metal and Roofing Co., Inc., p. 41

Reedsville State Bank, pp. 42-43

Reedsville Telephone Exchange, pp. 43-44

Reinemann's Elevator, pp. 44-45

Rusch Lumber Co., p. 45

St. John, St. James Lutheran Church, pp. 45-46

St. John, St. James Lutheran School, pp. 46-47

St. Mary Catholic Church, pp. 48-50

Savages Panther Villa, p. 50

Sentry Store, pp. 50-51

Sell-Even Company, p. 51

R. C. Smith Store, p. 51

Swatzie's Bar, pp. 52-53

Attorney Thuermer, p. 53

United Methodist Church History, pp. 53-54

Ron Urban property, p. 55

Vern's Service Store, p. 55

Wagner's bar, pp. 56-57

Wenzlaff Cigar Shop, p. 57

Wilhelm's Resale, pp. 57-58

R. H. Willems Equipment Company, pp. 58-59

Wojta Store, p. 59

Ye Olde Inn, pp. 59-60

[Photos], pp. 61-71

Bibliography, p. 72


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