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Wisconsin poetry (special issue)


Taylor, Bruce, Editor
Wisconsin poetry (special issue)
volume 79, No. 2
Madison, Wis.: Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters

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[Title page] Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, pp. [i]-[ii]

From the editor, Haywood, Carl N. pp. iii-iv

Contents, pp. v-xiv

Introduction, Taylor, Bruce pp. xv-xviii

"Bubble-bogged," "Oh-oh," "Can vignettes," and "On learning on the clearest night only 6000 stars are visible to the naked eye", Antler pp. 1-8

"Priests," "Crazy arms: Earlene remembers," and "Racine 1950", Benbow, Margaret pp. 9-11

Watch out, Benforado, Sally p. 12

"Red fingernails," "In snow," and "Blue roof", Blei, Norbert pp. 13-14

"The geometry of justice," "Chaos," and "Notes on Walking man 1", Brown, Robert pp. 15-19

"Kafka's janitor" and "An unprayed-for song", Cantrell, Charles pp. 20-23

"A fairy tale" and "Passage", Casper, Susan Faust pp. 24-25

"Catching rabbits," "What went wrong," "High school," and "Going with", Chapman, Robin S. pp. 26-29

"My calendar," "Natural theology," "My marriage," "The rose," "The doorway to doom for objects," "Transformations," "At night your mouth," and "Prayer for a future beyond ideology and war", Cherry, Kelly pp. 30-39

"Hating November" and "Man falls with unfinished story", Clinton, Dewitt pp. 40-43

"Twentieth anniversary poem," "Imagine this," and "Scarp", Davey, Elizabeth pp. 44-46

"The music of the spheres" and "Lenten walk", Du Priest, Travis pp. 47-48

"The plains" and "Morning", Dutcher, Roger p. 49

Aaron's ear, Edgerton, Larry p. 50

"The rock," "Fast approaching forty," and "A life", Elder, Karl pp. 51-53

"Canto 55" and "Canto 65", Ellis, Ron pp. 54-57

"Botanical gardens" and "Of bread", Feraca, Jean pp. 58-59

"It was the summer 12 year old dark haired Alyssa danced in the rain in a blue net formal" and "Estabrook park, 1986", Firer, Susan pp. 60-63

"Raspberries," "For Ireland at the resurrection," "Home before dark," "Night is an old lady," and "Snow", Flaherty, Doug pp. 64-68

"The deep witness" and "Gnosis M", Glass, Jesse pp. 69-73

"1700 miles to Elise" and "Like land used up", Graber, John pp. 74-75

"Self portrait as lucky man," "Dusk," "A sense of scale," "The library of home," and "Mother pills", Graham, David pp. 76-82

"Ghetto spring," "Louanne and the pack of kents," and "A woman by the Mississippi", Hanley, Aedan A. pp. 83-86

"Trails" and "In a photograph by Froissart, 1856", Harrold, William pp. 87-89

"Fossils and relics" and "Opening the nest", Harway, Judith pp. 90-94

"Esplanade," "Eve White and her third husband," "Morning song," "Dawn at Drury Pond," "Autumn song," After dusk, walking toward Drury Pond," and "Story", Judson, John pp. 95-101

"The farm" and "Dying like Keats", Kirkwood, Richard pp. 102-104

"Rocky Island," "Fellow travelers," and "As above, so below", Kubach, David pp. 105-109

"Notes from the search" and "Voices", Lauber, Peg Carlson pp. 110-115

"Hang-gliding" and "Night fishing", Lindner, Carl pp. 116-117

"To Mrs. Lapitz, St. James Catholic Grade School," "Five moments to have again," "Thinking of you at the dentist," "Lessons," and "Closing time", Lyons, Art pp. 118-121

"Shadowboxing" and "In high school I majored in shop", Martin, Peter pp. 122-123

Miss Rinehart's paddle, McCormick, Jeri p. 124

"Without you this afternoon," "For David Kubach," "I sit with you," and "Third shelf", Merrill, Lee pp. 125-128

East meets west, Michelson, Marc pp. 129-130

"Leaving Budapest," "The woman in the glass house speaks," and "Manual for the deaf", Mihalyi, Martha pp. 131-133

"Duck hunting," "Flooded timber," "The last camp in America," and "Year", Miller, Stephen M. pp. 134-135

Every woman, Mori, Kyoko pp. 136-138

"Lagoon," "Jane among the ducks," and "Hillside fish market", Nelson, Sandra pp. 139-142

"La mer, la mer," "A red fox again," "At dusk the picked-over garden goes bright with flowers," and "Leyland Stoney", Pagnucci, Gianfranco pp. 143-146

"The purple lighter," "From photo of coursing water," and "Silver", Peckenpaugh, Angela pp. 147-149

"Tunnel vision," "All things are candles," "Discussing poetry," "Astigmatism," "Eating nuts on a snowy evening," and "Explaining blindness to a child", Pollak, Felix pp. 150-153

"The tomb of the unknown poet" and "Kinnickinnic River elegy", Poniewaz, Jeff pp. 154-155

"Souvenirs," "Flag Day," and "Killing frost", Rath, Sarah L. pp. 156-160

"Finding an abandoned farm" and "The language of light ambits", Renner, Bruce pp. 161-163

"Prairie fire," "Where the sea surrenders," and "Private song", Richards, Melanie pp. 164-166

Dragon poem, Ritterbusch, Dale pp. 167-169

Wild and edible plant trilogy, Ryan, Suzanne pp. 170-172

"Verde que te quiero verde," "Fantasia for rain and guitar," "Winter blues #33," and "Easter Sunday", Schuler, Robert pp. 173-175

"The handless maiden," "Jacob wrestles with the angel: an update," and "The wolf in my mother", Shaw, Janet pp. 176-179

"The legends" and "Convocation", Shumway, Mary pp. 180-181

"Thistledown," "Ode to wooden steps," "Olivet," "Snow flying," and "Keeping the star", Smith, Thomas R. pp. 182-188

"The whistling swans recede...," "Snowing...," "Becoming dusk...," and "It showered...", Spiess, Robert pp. 189-190

"Petrified blackberries" and "From Olaf, to Henrick in Rome", Stambler, Peter pp. 191-196

"Pioneer," "Life close to the bone," "Bride of the prairie," "Slicing the dust both ways," and "Touching the inland shore", Steingass, David pp. 197-202

"Trickster," "Mission at white Earth," "In September: ode to tomatoes," "My mother and I had a discussion one day," "Fever dreams," and "Here in America", Sweet, Denise pp. 203-213

"Father Lewis," "Middle aged man sitting," "The love a stranger might construe," and "Notes from the notebooks of cabin #3", Taylor, Bruce pp. 214-221

"The Tenth Avenue care home" and "The boy on the plane", Taylor, Marilyn pp. 222-223

"'The azaleas', or 'Azaleas,'" "Two calendars," "Seasonal greetings," "Once I met B. B. King," "At the lake: a brother before marriage," and "Casals", Terrill, Richard pp. 224-230

"Professor Rosenthal in the park, 1983," "Onions," "Villanelle in the sixth year of cross-country commuting," and "Margaret", Tobin, Jean pp. 231-235

"The guest," "Green tomatoes," "The art of poetry," and "Isthmus", Trudell, Dennis pp. 236-241

"The makings of happiness," "The fat of the land," "The art of love," "Grandmother Grace," "Worried," "Sestina for the house," "Sinbad the sailor," "Ground zero," and "In a pig's eye", Wallace, Ron pp. 242-256

"X" and "Clippings from the New Yorker ads: December 2nd & 16th, 1985", Walls, Doyle W. pp. 257-260

"This gift," "Continuance," "Beginning the year at Rosebud, S.D.," "Midwinter stars," "Lynn Point Trail," "In the longhouse, Oneida museum," and "A nation wrapped in stone", Whitman, Roberta H. pp. 261-269

"Here," "New," "YR MY IN-," "You know," "Ecstasy," "God," "I can't," and "OH YR", Whitney, J. D. pp. 270-278

Notes on contributors, pp. 279-296

Acknowledgements, pp. 297-302

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