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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters


Durand, Loyal, Jr., Editor
Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume XXXI
Madison, Wis.: Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, 1938

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Officers of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters


A laboratory study of the absorption of light by lake waters, James, Harry Raymond; Birge, Edward A. pp. [1]-154

Microstratification of inland lakes, Whitney, Lester V. pp. 155-173 ff.

Continuous solar radiation measurements in Wisconsin lakes, Whitney, Lester V. pp. 175-200

Transmission of solar energy and the scattering produced by suspensoids in lake waters, Whitney, Lester V. pp. 201-221 ff.

Mineral content of the lake waters of northeastern Wisconsin, Juday, C.; Birge, E. A.; Meloche, V. W. pp. 223-276

The estimation of magnesium in lake water residues, Meloche, V. W.; Pingrey, Katherine pp. 277-283 ff.

Sodium and potassium content of Wisconsin lake waters and their residues, Lohuis, D.; Meloche, V. W.; Juday, C. pp. 285-304

Geology and ground water of the Trout Lake region, Vilas County, Wisconsin, Fries, Carl, Jr. pp. 305-322

The distribution of heterotrophic bacteria in the bottom deposits of some lakes, Henrici, Arthur T.; McCoy, Elizabeth pp. 323-361 ff.

The silica and diatom content of Lake Mendota water, Meloche, V. W.; Leader, G.; Safranski, L.; Juday, C. pp. 363-376

Photosynthesis of aquatic plants at different depths in Trout Lake, Wisconsin, Manning, Winston M.; Juday, C.; Wolf, Michael pp. 377-410

Amount and distribution of the chlorophyll in some lakes of northeastern Wisconsin, Kozminski, Zygmunt pp. 411-438

A study of the fish parasite relationships in the Trout Lake region of Wisconsin, Cross, Samuel X. pp. 439-456

Age and growth of the sucker, Catostomus commersonnii (Lacépède), in Muskellunge Lake, Vilas County, Wisconsin, Spoor, William A. pp. 457-505 ff.

A second report on the growth of the muskellunge, Esox masquinongy immaculatus (Garrard), in Wisconsin waters, Schloemer, Clarence L. pp. 507-512

Growth of the buffalo in Wisconsin lakes and streams, Frey, David G.; Pedracine, Hubert pp. 513-525 ff.

A census of the fish caught by anglers in Lake Kegonsa, Juday, Chancey; Vike, Lawrence E. pp. 527-532

Fish records for Lake Wingra, Juday, Chancey pp. 533-534

Professor C. Dwight Marsh and his investigations of lakes, Marsh, Florence W., Mrs. pp. 535-543 ff.

A new species of Receptaculites (R. pedunculatus) from the Silurian strata of eastern Wisconsin, Twenhofel, W. H. pp. 545-546


Topography of abandoned beach ridges at Ellison Bay, Door County, Wisconsin, Kowalke, O. L.; Kowalke, E. F. pp. 547-553 ff.

A North American record for Juncus capitatus Weig, Wadmond, S. C. pp. 555-557 ff.

Landlocked salmon in Wisconsin, Pope, T. E. B. pp. 559-565 ff.

Proceedings of the Academy: sixty-seventh annual meeting, pp. 567-570 ff.

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