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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters


Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume IV
Madison, Wis.: Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, 1876-1877

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Department of social and political sciences, Allen, William F. pp. [1]-6

The abolition of the jury system, Caverno, Charles pp. 7-18

The origin of the freeholders, Allen, William F. pp. 19-24

The duty of the state in its treatment of the deaf and dumb, the blind, the idiotic, the crippled and deformed, and the insane, Mason, R. Z. pp. 25-30

Art as education, Payne, Alford pp. [31]-43

The harmonic method in Greek art, Stuart, J. R. pp. 44-49

Letters an embarrassment to literature, Sawyer, W. C. pp. [50]-55

Mr. Spencer's social anatomy, Simmons, H. M. pp. [56]-61

Nature and freedom, Elmendorf, John J. pp. 62-76

Notes on Cladocera, Birge, Edward A. pp. [77]-109 ff.

On the fauna of the Niagara and Upper Silurian rocks, as exhibited in Milwaukee county, Wisconsin, and in counties contiguous thereto, Day, F. H. pp. 113-125

Discoveries illustrating the literature and religion of the mound builders, Andrews, Edmund pp. 126-131

How did the Aborigines of this country fabricate copper implements, Hoy, P. R. pp. 132-137

Remarks on the descent of animals, Oldenhage, H. pp. 138-146

Why are there no upper incisors in the Ruminantia?, Hoy, P. R. pp. 147-150

Boiler explosions, King, Chas I. pp. 151-163

Mind in the lower animals, Jewell, J. S. pp. 164-187

The antiquities and platycnemism of the mound builders of Wisconsin, De Hart, J. M. pp. 188-200 ff.

On the extent and significance of the Wisconsin Kettle moraine, Chamberlin, T. C. pp. [unnumbered]-234

Rotation as a factor of motion, McMurphy, J. G. pp. [235]-240

Report on recent progress in theoretical physics, Davies, J. E. pp. 241-264

Proceedings of the Academy, since February, 1876, pp. [265] ff.

Report of the president, Hoy, P. R. pp. [267]-268

Report of the secretary: seventh annual meeting, pp. [269]-271

Report of the secretary: first summer meeting, pp. 271-275

Report of the secretary: eighth regular annual meeting, pp. 276-277

Report of the secretary: second semi-annual meeting, pp. 277-280

Report of the librarian, p. [281]

Catalogue of books in the library, pp. [281]-289

Report of the Council, p. 290

List of officers and members of the Academy, 1878, pp. [291] ff.

General officers of the Academy, pp. [293]-294

Officers of the departments, p. 295

Members of the Academy, pp. 296-300

Members deceased, p. 301

Committees of the Academy, p. 302

Charter, Constitution and by-laws of the Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters, of Wisconsin; with the amendments thereto, up to February, 1878, pp. [303] ff.

Charter, pp. [305]-306

Constitution, pp. 307-309

By-laws, pp. 310-311 ff.

In memoriam, Prof. James H. Eaton, Ph. D., Chamberlin, T. C. pp. [313]-316

John Baptist Feuling, Ph. D., Carpenter, Stephen H. pp. 316-318

Death of Professor S. H. Carpenter, pp. 318-320

Errata, pp. [321] ff.


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