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Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1909


Wisconsin State Horticultural Society. Cranefield, F., Editor
Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1909
Madison, Wisconsin: Democrat Printing Co., State Printer, 1909

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[Blank pages]

[Frontispiece] General view of the chrysanthemum show at Lake Geneva, Wis., Nov., 1908

[Title page] Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1909, pp. [i]-[ii]

Letter of transmittal, Cranefield, Frederic pp. [iii]-[iv]

Table of contents, pp. [v]-vi

Constitution, pp. [vii]-ix

Rules and by-laws, pp. [x]-xiv

Membership roll, pp. [xv]-xxxii

Officers and committees for 1909, pp. [xxxiii]-xxxiv

Lists of fruits recommended for culture in Wisconsin, pp. [xxxv]-xxxvii

Trees and shrubs recommended, pp. [xxxviii]-xlii

Black list, pp. [xliii]-xliv

Transactions of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society, p. [1]

Address of welcome, Graas, Henry pp. [1]-3

Response, Coe, R. J. p. 3

Annual and biennial flowering plants: their value in gardening and home decoration, Sampson, Robert pp. 4-10

Old time favorites such as balsam, hollyhocks, etc., Toole, William pp. 10-15

Campanulas, foxgloves, and other biennials; classification and culture, Illenberger, Henry W. pp. 15-19

Sowing seeds of annuals, Meier, Albert pp. 19-24

Rational orchard management, Sandsten, E. P. pp. 24-31

Does spraying pay?, Buehler, J. G. pp. 31-34

Cover crops--their use in orchard management, Moore, J. G. pp. 34-44

Best varieties of apples for commercial orchard, pp. 44-49

Bedding plants--their use and abuse, MacLean, Wm. G. pp. 49-51

horticulture in Texas and Wisconsin, Hatch, A. C. pp. 51-55

Report of committee on awards, pp. 56-58

Transactions of the winter meeting

President's address, Coe, R. J. pp. [unnumbered]-61

Small fruit session. Strawberries for 1908, Kellogg, Geo. J. pp. 61-68

Fertilizers for small fruits, Cook, C. B. pp. 69-76

Grape culture, Riehl, Edwin H. pp. 77-83

Currants and gooseberries, Dunning, E. E. pp. 83-88

Farm betterment for the Wisconsin farmer, Clarke, Daniel A. pp. 88-96

Improvement of school grounds, Livingston, J. W. pp. 96-106

Afternoon session--Wednesday, January 13, pp. 106-107

Possibilities for commercial fruit growing in Wisconsin, Sandsten, E. P. pp. 108-115

Planting about rural schoolhouses, Clarke, Daniel A. pp. 116-119

Apples in Monroe County, Muhlenkamp, Fred pp. 119-123

Mathematics in horticulture, Bingham, D. E. pp. 123-127

The Newell apple, origin and history, Toole, Wm. pp. 127-128 ff.

The Newell apple, Palmer, J. S. p. 129

The Newell apple--its value in the commercial orchard, Phillips, A. J. pp. 129-133

Co-operation in marketing fruits , Tippin, Geo. T. pp. 133-151

The orchards of western New York, Hamilton, W. J. pp. 151-157

Arsenate of lead, Ashby, H. M. pp. 157-161

Best methods of management for Wisconsin orchards for the first five years, pp. 162-165

Orchard management for the second five years, Palmer, J. S. pp. 165-170

After the tenth year, pp. 170-175

Shrubs and ornamentals, Smith, E. A. pp. 175-181

Our duty to the landscape, Nelson, M. O. pp. 182-184

Annual business session. Treasurer's report, pp. 184-185

Report of the chairman of the trial orchard committee for the season of 1908, Toole, William pp. 185-197

Annual report of secretary Frederic Cranefield, Cranefield, Frederic pp. 197-206

Report of secretary as superintendent of field work, pp. 207-213

How I can my garden produce for winter use, Harper, Blanchard pp. 214-223

Questions and answers, pp. 223-233

[A sketch], Kellogg, Geo. J. pp. 234 ff.

Statistics of fruit, Sparta region 1908-9, p. 235

Report of delegate to Minnesota, Richardson, C. L. pp. 235-241

Report of the Madison Horticultural Society, 1909, Reigle, G. W. pp. 242-243

Report of committee on awards, pp. 244-246 ff.

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