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The Wisconsin horticulturist


Wisconsin State Horticultural Society
The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. III, No. 9
November 1898

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[Frontispiece] [Wisconsin fruit]

[Title page], p. [5]

Wisconsin fruit at Omaha, Philips, A. J. pp. [5]-10

Bits of experience with apples, Johnson, Franklin, Mrs. pp. 10-12

Bulbs for the house, pp. 12-13

Roses,--fall and winter treatment, G. J. K. p. 14

Grapes,--pruning and protection, Kellogg, Geo. J. pp. 14-15

The power to observe essential to a farm education, pp. 15-17

American seed farms, Walsh, George E. pp. 18-20

Fall care of strawberries, Kellogg, Geo. J. p. 21

Blackberry crops, Kellogg, R. M. pp. 21-23

Blackberries--how to grow them successfully and market them profitably, pp. 24-25

Missed, p. 25

Preparing sod lands for fruit, p. 26

Wrapping fruit in tissue paper, pp. 26-27

The San Jose scale, p. 27

Wolves in sheep's clothing, p. 28

Warning against preservatives, Grosvenor, E. O. pp. 28-29

Hydrocyanic acid as an insecticide--a warning, Kitchen, J. M. W. pp. 29-31

Convention of horticulturists, p. 31

Annual meetings of horticultural societies, p. 32

The Omro Chrysanthemum Show, p. 32

Short course in agriculture, p. 33

To keep lemons fresh, E. G. B. p. 33

Editorial notes, pp. 34-35

Wisconsin State Horticultural Society: officers for 1898, pp. 35-[36] ff.

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