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Wisconsin D.H.I.A. year book


Wisconsin Dairy Herd Improvement Association, et al.
Wisconsin D.H.I.A. year book
Vol. III
Madison, Wisconsin: Extension Service of the College of Agriculture and Agricultural Experiment Station, The University of Wisconsin, 1936

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[Cover] Wisconsin D. H. I. A. year book


[Title page] Wisconsin D. H. I. A. year book. Vol. III, p. [1]

Introduction, pp. 2-3

The plan of work of the Farm and Dairy Records Office, Wisconsin College of Agriculture, pp. 4-5

Active D. H. I. associations, August 15, 1936, pp. 6-8

Method of using production records, pp. 9-12

I. Progeny tested sires. Sires having at least 5 daughter-dam comparisons or at least 10 daughters with lactation records, pp. 13-16

Ayrshires, p. 17

Brown swiss, p. 17

Guernseys, pp. 17-23

Holsteins, pp. 23-42

Jersey, p. 43

Shorthorn, p. 43

II. Progeny tested dams. Dams with 3 tested daughters or progeny tested sons, pp. 44-45

Ayrshires, p. 46

Brown swiss, p. 46

Guernseys, pp. 46-53

Holstein, pp. 53-74

Jerseys, pp. 74-75

Shorthorn, p. 75

III. Production tested herds. Herds in at least their second year of continuous testing, having at least 5 cows or one-half the milking herd with completed lactation records, pp. 76-77

Ayrshires, p. 78

Brown swiss, p. 78

Guernseys, pp. 78-83

Holstein, pp. 83-[95]

Jerseys, pp. [95]-96

Red polled, p. 96

Shorthorns, p. 96


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