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The Waukau Methodists, 1867-1986


Westover, Ruth, 1910-
The Waukau Methodists, 1867-1986
[Waukau, Wisconsin]: [R. Westover], 1986
48 [i.e. 101] p. : ill., plans, port. ; 29 cm.

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The Waukau Methodists: 1867-1986


The pioneers, pp. 1 ff.

Beginnings, pp. 2 ff.

The building: Wakau Methodist Episcopal Church, 1867-1904, pp. 3 ff.

Work and faith, pp. 4 ff.

Memories, pp. 5 ff.

Old church floor plan: 1867-1904, pp. 6 ff.

Baptists, pp. 7 ff.

The cornerstone, pp. 8 ff.

Up from the ashes, pp. 9 ff.

Pastor and wife, pp. 10 ff.

A good combination, pp. 11 ff.

Carrie Perkins remembers, pp. 12 ff.

Music in the church, pp. 13 ff.

Class meetings, pp. 14 ff.

More memories, pp. 15 ff.

Fund raisers, pp. 16 ff.

New beginnings, pp. 17 ff.

A week of dedication, pp. 18 ff.

Anniversary 1894, p. 19

Donation parties, pp. 19 ff.

Organizations, pp. 20 ff.

Young church people, pp. 21 ff.

Church children, pp. 22 ff.

Sacraments and ceremonies, pp. 23 ff.

Parsonage, pp. 24 ff.

Gone but not forgotten, pp. 25 ff.

Statistics, pp. 26 ff.

Memorable events, pp. 27 ff.

Organists, pp. 28 ff.

People, pp. 29 ff.

Centennial, pp. 30 ff.

An historic event, pp. 31 ff.

Joint venture, pp. 32 ff.

Women in 1986, pp. 33 ff.

Pastors, pp. 34 ff.

More pastors, pp. 35 ff.

Pastors to 1986, pp. 36 ff.

The carillon, pp. 37 ff.

Jesus kids, pp. 38 ff.

Tragedy struck twice, pp. 39 ff.

Committed workers, pp. 40 ff.

The church today, pp. 41 ff.

The present church, pp. 42 ff.

Sources, pp. 43-44 ff.

Memorials, pp. 45-46 ff.

Officers in 1986, pp. 47 ff.

Transition 1986, pp. 48-[49] ff.

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