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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture


Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes. Luther, E. L., Editor
Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 31

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[Cover], pp. [unnumbered]-[1]

[Frontispiece] The new door, p. [2]

[Title page] Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes: a hand-book of agriculture, p. [3]

Contents, pp. [4]-[5]

Letter of transmittal, Luther, E. L. pp. [6]-[8]

Foreword, Luther, E. L. p. [9]

Wisconsin Farmers' Institute ideals, p. [10]

What farmers' clubs may do, pp. [11]-[12]

Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes, pp. [13]-[17] ff.

Agricultural preparedness, Russell, H. L. pp. [19]-31

The agricultural representative, Luther, E. L. pp. 31-36

Growing clover on light soils, Ullsperger, H. W. pp. 37-44

Standardizing farm products, Comings, George F. pp. 45-51

Pat points on marketing, Gay, M. C. pp. 51-52

Baby beef production, Houser, W. L. pp. 53-55

War-time pork production, Hatch, K. L. pp. 55-57

Responsibility of breeders of pure bred dairy cattle, Hill, Charles L. pp. 58-65

How shall small breeder dispose of surplus stock, Robbins, E. T. pp. 66-67

Sheep as land clearers, Householder, G. M. pp. 67-73

One small flock, p. 73

Feed and care of the dairy calf, Jacobs, E. C. pp. 73-79

Feed inspection and the farmer, Strowd, W. H. pp. 79-83

Community marketing of poultry products, Hackett, G. W. pp. 83-87

Selection for egg production, Hayes, J. B. pp. 87-89

Sound progress with poultry, Schloerb, A. J. pp. 89-91

Planting and pruning the farm orchard, Bingham, D. E. pp. 92-93

The farm garden, Rasmussen, N. A. pp. 93-94

Strawberries for the home garden, Rasmussen, N. A. pp. 95-96

Market milk production in Wisconsin, Lee, C. E. pp. 96-104

How farmers may know what their dairy products are worth, Lovett, C. H. pp. 105-108

Wisconsin cow testing associations, Negley, Noel pp. 109-114

The state trunk highway system, Torkelson, M. W. pp. 115-119

A year's experience with a tractor, Scott, L. E. pp. 119-121

Stumps, Livingston, L. F. pp. 121-126

House furnishing, Breese, Laura B. pp. 126-136

Septic tanks, Klinka, John S. pp. 136-138

Spending money for the farm girl, Maxwell, Nellie pp. 138-141

Success with farmers' clubs, Seyforth, H. G. pp. 141-147

The consolidated school in Wisconsin, Thomson, A. A. pp. 147-154

Toilets for rural schools, Scott, L. E. pp. 155-160

Fruits of the Institute, Cooper, Earl J. pp. 161-162

Junior Instituters: boys' and girls' club work, Bewick, T. L. pp. 162-165

Boys' and girls' club work of Chippewa County, Carew, Alvin pp. 165-166

How I got my piano, Campbell, Florence pp. 166-168

The University of Wisconsin. Board of Regents, pp. 169-171

Courses in the College of Agriculture of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, pp. 171-172

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