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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture


Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes. Luther, E. L., Editor
Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 30

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[Cover], pp. [unnumbered]-[2]

[Title page] Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes: a hand-book of agriculture, p. [3]

Contents, pp. [4]-[5]

Letter of transmittal, Luther, E. L. pp. [6]-[7]

The University of Wisconsin. Board of Regents, pp. [8]-[9]

Courses in the College of Agriculture of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, p. [10]

Foreword, Luther, E. L. p. [11]

Wisconsin Farmers' Institute ideals, p. [12]

What farmers' clubs may do, pp. [13]-[18]

Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes, pp. [19]-[20]

The work of the Department of Agriculture for the farmers of the state, Norgord, C. P. pp. [21]-26

Northern Wisconsin for Wisconsin folks, Packer, B. G. pp. 27-40

How to judge pedigrees of dairy sires, Clark, W. H. pp. 41-44

Pointers on control of insects, Sanders, J. G. pp. 44-48

Better conveniences for rural schools, Scott, L. E. pp. 48-55

Eradication of smut in oats, Cole, A. H. pp. 56-57

Improvement of farm woodlots, Moody, F. B. pp. 57-61

Farm cured meats, Convey, Thos. pp. 62-63

Factors affecting farm income, Griswold, H. D. pp. 63-67

Licensing butter and cheese factories, Aderhold, E. L. pp. 67-77

A barn from 12-,14- and 16-foot stuff, Imrie, David pp. 78-80

Hogs self-fed, Imrie, John D. pp. 81-82

Tying city and country together, Faast, B. F. pp. 82-86

Why farmers should exhibit at agricultural shows, Raessler, Noyes R. pp. 86-91

Road maintenance, Donaghey, J. T. pp. 91-97

Feeding for winter eggs, Hackett, Geo. W. pp. 98-101

A cellar garden for winter, Rasmussen, N. A. pp. 101-102

Co-operative cow testing, Wyatt, E. E. pp. 103-106

An example of successful co-operation, Comings, Geo. F. pp. 107-110

How we market potatoes: an example of successful co-operation, Silverthorne, W. V. pp. 111-114

Potato seed certification, Juday, W. D. pp. 114-117

Community potato growers' associations in Barron County, Cuff, R. L. pp. 117-119

Hill selection of seed potatoes, Luther, E. L. pp. 119-126

The utility stock exhibit, pp. 127-130

The farmer's family and their reading, Bradley, W. C. pp. 131-132

Homemaking as a business, Maxwell, Nellie pp. 133-138

A successful experience with a septic tank, Burrill, A. C. pp. 138-140

The young woman on the farm, Breese, Laura B. pp. 141-144

Give the boy a chance, or keeping the boy on the farm, Oby, Walter pp. 145-147

Junior instituters, pp. 148-149

Boys' road dragging contest, Sauk County, Donaghey, J. T. pp. 149-150

Boys' cow testing association, Swoboda, F. G. pp. 151-153

Outline of boys' and girls' club work, Bewick, T. L. pp. 153-156

Four great events for junior instituters, pp. 156-159

Junior baby beef at the international, p. 160

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