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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture


Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes. McKerrow, George, Editor
Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11
Madison, WI: The Democrat Printing Co., 1897

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[Cover], pp. [unnumbered]-[2]

[Title page], p. [3]

Table of contents, pp. [4]-[5]

Letter of transmittal, McKerrow, George pp. [6]-[7]

University of Wisconsin. Board of Regents, pp. [8]-[11]

University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture, pp. [12]-[13]

Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes for 1897-8, pp. [14]-[15]

Agricultural directory, pp. [16]-[18]

Proceedings of the eleventh annual closing Farmers' Institute held at Appleton, Wis., March 9-10-11, 1897, p. [19]

Address of welcome, Thom, P. R. pp. [19]-20

Response to address of welcome, McKerrow, Geo. p. 20

Tillage, Convey, Thomas pp. 21-27

Saving fertility, Scott, L. E. pp. 28-36

Raspberries, Coe, R. J. pp. 37-42

Apple growing, Taylor, F. W. pp. 43-52

Apple culture as a business, Hatch, A. L. pp. 52-55

Swine for profit, Everett, C. H. pp. 55-60

Growing sugar beets, Watson, James R. pp. 61-65

The beet sugar industry, Henry, W. A. pp. 65-79

What the State Historical Society is doing for the people of Wisconsin, Thwaites, Reuben Gold pp. 80-84

The aim of education, Cleland, Florence Cole pp. 85-88

Limitations and possibilities of our rural school system, Emery, J. Q. pp. 88-93

Keeping bees for profit, Huffman, Jacob pp. 94-98

Foul brood among Wisconsin bees, France, N. E. pp. 99-101

Poultry keeping on the farm, Lehmann, A. W. pp. 102-108

Breeds of poultry for special purposes, Jenkins, F. W. pp. 108-114

Country roads, Powers, A. C. pp. 115-121

Sheep feeding experiments, Curtiss, C. F. pp. 122-132

Prospects for profit in beef, Arnold, Alex A. pp. 132-134

Baby beef and silage, Hays, John W. pp. 135-141

Rural mail delivery, Stahl, John M. pp. 142-144

Our public schools, Morgan, Carrie E. pp. 145-150

Russia, Taylor, F. W. pp. 150-153

The horse and its market, Craig, J. A. pp. 154-168

Marketing the horse, Galbraith, Alex. pp. 169-176

Economical feeding, McKerrow, Geo. pp. 177-185

The children's home of Appleton, Miller, Geo. M. pp. 185-187

How to get good cows, Taylor, H. C. pp. 188-194

Handy things on a dairy farm, Thorp, Chas. pp. 194-202

The co-operative creamery, Imrie, John pp. 202-205

The cheese factory, Decker, John W. pp. 206-212

Resolutions, p. 213

First lesson, Jamison, Jennie A. pp. 214-227

Second lesson, Jamison, Jennie A. pp. 227-237

Third lesson, Jamison, Jennie A. pp. 238-249

Education of the farmer's wife, Grove, L. O. pp. 249-250

Diversified farming, Brewer, James H. pp. 251-253

Home building-- a plea for better homes for farmers, Pickford, W. H. pp. 254-257

Opportunities afforded young men from the farms at the University of Wisconsin-- an agricultural education within reach of every energetic young man who wishes to excel in general agriculture, Moore, R. A. pp. 258-269

Factory course in butter and cheese making, Farrington, E. H. pp. 269-272

Index to advertisers, pp. 273-274

[Advertisements], pp. 275-320 ff.

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